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Netflix is the new home for Gunjan Saxena after the film was pulled from theatres due to the coronavirus problem. The film has been sold to Netflix for around 50 crores and will earn a lot more from satellite rights. Gunjan Saxena has already made a decent box office collection. If it was released in cinemas, it would have easily crossed the 100 crore mark.

This movie is very patriotic and emotional. There are several scenes in the film that will give you goosebumps. It is also a film with a beautiful storyline and treatment. There are many reasons for its box office success, but the film’s patriotic message is bound to be appreciated by audiences everywhere. While you may not be as emotionally attached to Gunjan Saxena as the real Gunjan, it is sure to leave an impact on the audience.

The film is also a great example of the value of a good word of mouth campaign. While many people may have enjoyed Gunjan Saxena, it would have been more difficult to reach the same audience if it was released on a normal weekend. It is unlikely that the movie would have made the same amount of money had it been released on a weekend. Instead, it would have had a better chance to do better on the box office, which has a huge impact on the overall film.

The Kargil Girl is an upcoming biographical film starring Janhvi Kapoor as an Indian Air Force pilot. It was initially scheduled to release on 13 March 2020. However, the release date was later pushed back to the summer. Netflix has now acquired the distribution rights for the movie and plans to release it on its streaming platform. With a budget of about Rs. 40 crore, Gunjan Saxena could have had a good run at the box office.

Anshuman is still in denial of Gunjan’s dedication and determination. When the film begins, Gunjan faces the harsh realities of the Air Force and considers leaving the camp. When the Kargil war begins, however, he reconsiders his decision. The Air Force needs all of their pilots for the war, and he is one of them. Then, Anshuman comes to meet Gunjan and dissuades him from taking part in the Kargil war.

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