Jonathan Goldstein Net Worth: A Look into the Success of a Celebrated Canadian Author

Jonathan Goldstein is a celebrated Canadian author and radio personality known for his witty and insightful storytelling. He has gained a significant following over the years, thanks to his work on shows like “Wiretap” and “Heavyweight” and his numerous books and articles. With his success, it’s natural to wonder about Jonathan Goldstein’s net worth. In this article, we’ll explore his career and try to estimate his net worth.

Jonathan Goldstein’s Early Career

Jonathan Goldstein began his career in journalism, working as a producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in the early 1990s. He then moved to the United States, where he worked for various public radio stations and magazines. In 2000, he created the radio show “Wiretap,” which quickly gained a cult following for its unconventional and often absurd storytelling.

In the years that followed, Goldstein wrote for magazines like The New York Times Magazine and This American Life. He also continued to produce radio shows, including “Heavyweight,” which he co-created with producer Kalila Holt in 2016. “Heavyweight” quickly became a hit, with its mix of humor and emotional depth resonating with audiences.

Goldstein’s Books

In addition to his radio work, Jonathan Goldstein has also written several books. His first book, “Lenny Bruce Is Dead,” was published in 2001 and was a collection of short stories. He followed this up with “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bible!” in 2009, a humorous take on the Bible that was praised for its cleverness.

Goldstein’s most successful book to date is “I’ll Seize the Day Tomorrow,” which was published in 2013. The book is a memoir of Goldstein’s midlife crisis and has been praised for its honesty and humor.

Jonathan Goldstein’s Net Worth

While Jonathan Goldstein’s net worth is not publicly known, it’s safe to say that he has had a successful career. His work has been featured in numerous publications, and he has won several awards for his writing and radio production. Additionally, his books have sold well, and he has been able to secure a loyal fan base over the years.

It’s difficult to estimate Jonathan Goldstein’s net worth without knowing his exact income and expenses. However, given his success and the demand for his work, it’s likely that he has a net worth in the millions of dollars.


Jonathan Goldstein is a talented author and radio personality whose work has entertained and inspired audiences around the world. While his net worth is not publicly known, it’s safe to say that he has had a successful career and has been able to build a loyal fan base. With his ongoing projects and continued success, it’s likely that Jonathan Goldstein’s net worth will continue to grow in the years to come.

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