Screen Door Buying Guide: Find the Best Magnetic Screen Door 

After having been cooped up in our homes for a long period during the pandemic, we have become acutely aware of how restrictive it can feel to be inside. After spending eight to ten hours indoors for the better part of the week – if not the entire week – we quickly learned that without access to the outdoors (or windows and screen doors to open and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors), it can feel quite claustrophobic at times. This is a natural outcome of staring at the same walls and not getting enough fresh air, and clearing your mind by going out on a casual walk. As such, it really does make you wonder about how much it would help if we had access to infrastructure that lets us enjoy some of the outdoors even while inside.

Assuming that you feel safe enough in your home to have sliding doors (or to make use of them), opening doors in your home allows you to enjoy the sounds, smells, and feeling of being outside while avoiding some of the other pesky attributes of being outside (as in the case of being swarmed with bugs). By making use of screen doors (especially those secured by magnets), you can have protection from insects and outdoor airborne dirt and debris.

In addition to these obvious benefits, some of the other benefits that can be achieved by adding these doors to your lifestyle are listed below.

Good for Pets and Kids

If you have children, you will quickly learn that your kids will benefit tremendously from the addition of screen doors to your home.

It is often the case that young children have considerable trouble opening doors in the home due to the fact that the handles may be far too high or too hard for them to reach and use. By installing magnetic door screen closures, you will ensure that your children can move about easily by going in and out with ease. The same is true if you have pets – that is, your pets can now easily move about without needing you to open and close the door to let them in and out of your home.

This will also be a great addition for you because that will mean that you won’t have to be troubled every minute your child or pet wants to go in and out of those doors. As such, you will acquire several benefits when you choose to install the best magnetic screen door in your house, so much so that you can use these magnetic screen doors year-round if you like because the screen door magnets are able to withstand weather elements and heavy usage.

Allows Natural Light

Another positive attribute of installing magnetic screen doors is that they allow homeowners to let natural light into their homes – a quality that is not always possible with other doors. By having screen doors in your home, it immediately becomes possible for light to penetrate your house even if it is all closed up or you are not present. Not only does this provide the obvious benefit of natural sunlight, but it means that you will likely enjoy additional cost savings by reducing the length of time that you are using your light bulbs or your heat in the wintertime.

Bring Fresh Air Into Your House

As mentioned earlier, by having these doors in your home, you are able to introduce fresh air through the miniature holes in your magnetic screen door mesh. Experts agree that by having access to fresh air, you are able to achieve greater comfort and good health – especially if you are not able to go out into the outdoors. As well, in moments when it isn’t too hot outside, having these screen doors can help you avoid paying a lot for using air conditioners – as doing so can get pricey. Not only can these screen doors introduce some natural breeze into your everyday living – especially on pleasant days – but they can also help you reduce the cost of electricity on those cooler summer days.

Keep Pests Out of Your House

Another obvious benefit of these screen doors is that they can help you keep pesky insects out of your home. By purchasing these magnetic screen doors, you will notice that even as these doors are mesh, the holes are so small that it will be virtually impossible for bugs to pass through into the house.

Enter and Exit Easily

A final benefit of purchasing magnetic screen doors is that they make entering and exiting your home much easier. Especially in the warmer months, it is likely the case that you are entering and exiting many more times than you might be during the colder months of the year. With regular doors, entering and exiting is made much harder, especially because it is tougher to open and close your doors – you either need to push or pull the door open in order to pass through it.

Fortunately, if you have a magnetic screen for your doors, having magnets on your door make it much easier to pull, push and pass through with a subtle nudge – especially if your hands are occupied, given that these retractable screens feature a middle seam lined with 26 magnets for walking through any doorway with ease.

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