Which is Better Plastic Or PVC?

If we want to protect our planet and our health, which is better plastic or PVC? The truth is that both plastics are problematic. However, only one is more environmentally harmful than the other. While all plastics pose dangers to the environment and human health, PVC is considered to be the most dangerous. Luckily, safer alternatives are available for virtually every use and, in time, PVC will be phased out.

Polyvinyl chloride is the third most common type of plastic. Like PET, it has many similar characteristics. It is strong, flexible, and chemically resistant. However, PVC is not as environmentally friendly as PET. However, it offers a wide range of applications and is recyclable. It also holds up to many impacts and is resistant to extreme temperatures. If you’re wondering which material is better, take a look at our detailed comparison.

In plumbing applications, both are good options. PVC, for example, is more flexible and durable than ABS. PVC is often better for cold water applications, while ABS is better at enduring heat and extreme cold. However, ABS can warp if exposed to sunlight. Despite these differences, both types of plastics are relatively inexpensive and versatile. In the U.S., PVC is accepted in most piping applications.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic polymer that has an alternating hydrogen and chlorine atom. The two monomers are produced using a process known as addition polymerization. The process involves arranging the monomers head-to-tail, yielding a linear polymer. The presence of chlorine changes the properties of PVC. In addition to construction applications, PVC is also used for signs and fiber in clothing.

PET is more transparent than PVC, giving you an excellent view of the stored product. PVC is less transparent and breaks up faster, which decreases the visibility of the stored product. While PVC has a lower cost and better clarity, PET is stronger and more durable. Furthermore, it is also lighter and more resilient than PVC, making it an excellent alternative to glass. In addition to being more transparent and resistant to UV rays, PET is also more durable and more expensive.

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