Creating a logo for a real estate agency

A real estate agency is a commercial enterprise that is an intermediary between selling and buying real estate. The purpose of such companies is to get the maximum benefit, to help the parties find each other and conclude a successful deal.

Real estate agencies offer a range of different services: from one-time consultations to full support.

The logo of the real estate agency is obliged to:

Be memorable;

Create a clear association with the company and its services;

Radiate solidity;

To inspire confidence;

Guarantee reliability.

The correct selection of colors is extremely important for the brand name of a real estate agency. The main and soft colors of the icon are:

Brown. It calms, supports in case of unrest, embodies stability, symbolizes responsibility, simplicity and stability;

Red. Hot and exciting color easily attracts attention to the company logo. It symbolizes leadership, energy and perseverance;

Green. This color is characterized with peace and tranquility. It helps a person to concentrate, dispel negative emotions and make the right decision;

Blue. This is a sign of stability in business, prosperity and conservatism. The color symbolizes constancy, trust, security, tranquility. In this area of business, it is considered the most popular color.

Therefore, these colors are chosen for the emblems of companies providing real estate services.

When creating a logo for a real estate agency, it is important to use elements that emphasize the core values of the company and its positive qualities, decency, customer orientation. And, of course, it is good if the details are associated directly with real estate, construction: brick wall, multi-storey buildings, roofs of houses, cottages, keys. Abstract elements can also be used. In this case, we recommend using the principles of the psychology of geometric shapes. For example, a square is associated with honesty, decency and stability. The circle is protected and durable, but if used carelessly, it can create a feeling of incompleteness. With the help of a triangle, it is easy to place accents, and it is also associated with growth and upward movement.

The recipe for creating a logo is quite simple. You need to have a little imagination, common sense, mix them, add the missing component from online services and get a nice logo for a real estate agency!

Logos of real estate agencies must meet a number of criteria: this is the only way they will be quickly remembered and evoke positive emotions and associations. And you can develop a brand name for such a company with the help of simple and understandable online services.

The created logo should express the whole essence of the brand in one image. But it should not be too cluttered – both in terms of meanings and from a visual point of view. Otherwise, he will lose in the simplicity of perception.

As a result, we can say that creating logos is not so difficult: a drop of imagination, an understanding of the ultimate goal, color taste and an online service for creating Turbologo logos. This will be a good saving for your nerves, time and money.

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