How much money is required for study in Finland?

Finland, referred to as “the land of thousand lakes’’ is one of the countries in which international students go to enjoy a world-class education system. 

All the international students willing to immigrate and study in Finland might be interested in knowing more about the costing in Finland. There are various kinds of costs like accommodation, tuition fees, food, and transportation that need to be paid. So, we will go through all these costs in general. 

  • University Tuition Fees 
  • Finland’s public universities do not impose tuition fees on students from Switzerland or other EU/EEA member states, making it one of the best study destinations in Europe. 
  • This implies that you can shift your focus from paying tuition to using your money to pay for living expenses or even to save some for travel. 
  • On average, the tuition fees required of non-EU/EEA students typically range from 4,000 to 18,000 EUR a year, according to the degree and university you select.
  • Accommodation Costs

There are two main accommodation options available – 

  • You can take a shared student apartment. It will cost you around 170- 300 EUR per month. A single apartment will cost you more. Shared apartments are the most feasible option. 
  • You can also rent a flat available for students. This will cost you around 400-850 EUR per month. 
  • Food Costs 
  • Expenses on food items can vary depending on the city you are living in. On an average, it will cost 200-250 EUR per month. 
  • You can save on the cost of food items by buying stuff from supermarkets like Lidl, Alepa, etc. Here, you can get stuff at a discounted price. 
  • Transportation Costs 
  • The majority of students opt to use public transportation to move about the city. Depending on the city, a student’s public transport pass costs anywhere from 35 to 50 EUR each month. 
  • If you are not comfortable with private transport then you could rent a car at 230 EUR for five days.
  • Other Activities 

There are several other activities like the student unions or other social gatherings. A student union fee is approximately 100 EUR per academic year. The social gatherings would cost you around 80 EUR per year.

How could Stark Visas help you? 

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Other Services that Stark Visas offer – 

  1. Student Visa – Stark Visas can help you find the best universities in foreign nations. They will assist students in fulfilling the prerequisites and offer them advice on the best programs and colleges that will suit their needs.
  2. Permanent Residency Visa – With this Visa, people can live, visit, study and work in the nation. They are entitled to several benefits like social security and universal healthcare. The immigration consultants at Stark Visas will help you check your eligibility and assist you in the documentation procedure. 
  3. Job Assistance – This Visa can help the skilled foreign worker to work in other nations.Since each country has its unique eligibility requirements, Stark Visas assist candidates in meeting the requirements. 
  4. Tourist Visa – A tourist visa allows visitors to visit other countries for a short span of time. This Visa is approved by the government of the nation they are visiting. 
  5. Business- Investor Visa – This type of visa enables people to start or establish a business in any country they want to. There are a lot of people who have some business ideas in mind and don’t know how to unfold them. Stark Visas will provide you with the guidance on starting a business in foreign countries. 
  6. Family Sponsorship – Families are very important to all of us. Stark Visas believes in reunification of families. Families often offer emotional and financial support to immigrants. 

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