5 Things you can pack in a suitcase when moving

When we talk about packing for moving, we usually think about cardboard boxes. It is logically because boxes are used to pack all the stuff we have in the household. We can easily get boxes in shops or ask some of our friends. For example, Paradise Move & Storage has a big range of boxes of different shapes and sizes. It is convenient to pack their linens, glasses, clothes, small furniture etc. So, it is not surprisingly that boxes are the main helpers while moving.

Almost all of us have suitcases at home, and it is not an option if you move them empty. While you place the majority of your stuff in boxes, there are a lot of items that can be and should be put in the suitcase. Let’s take a look at 5 things you can pack in the suitcase when moving.


Clothes are the first thing to put in the suitcase. We got used to pack clothes in wardrobe boxes. These boxes are large enough to fit clothes on hangers, there is a metal bar inside wardrobe boxes. But not all of your clothes are on hangers and you can put them in the suitcase.

Suitcases are made to be filled with clothes, so it is a safe place for your valuable clothes. If you have branded dresses, pants, costumes or shirts, it is better to pack them in the suitcase. Unlike boxes, which have rough cardboard walls, suitcase lining is soft and will not leave any puffs or defects on clothes.


Except from clothes, of course, you can pack your shoes in a suitcase as well. One of the ways of packing shoes is to put them into the box you bought them. But if you don’t have shoes boxes, it is not a problem – you can use plastic bags or packing paper.

Here is a guide on how to prepare shoes for packing:

  • wash shoes with a soft sponge and soap if this is appropriate;
  • let them dry on the radiator or in front of the sun if it’s warm outside;
  • put shoes in a plastic bag or wrap with the packing paper;
  • compactly pack shoes in the suitcase.

You may not put all shoes you have in the suitcase, but you definitely should pack your favorite ones there, because it is more safe than in the box.

Small electric appliances

Your belongings can accidentally be lost or damaged during the moving. It would be a pity to lose or break some of small electric appliances. Stuff like microwaves, toasters, blenders can be broken much easier than clothes or linens. That is why you can pack them in the suitcase to protect from damages. Walls of a suitcase are softer and electric appliances will be more secure there than in the box.

Apart from that, you may need some small electric appliances right after moving to your new home. It is much faster to take it out from the suitcase than try to find it in boxes.

Essential items

While you packing your belongings for move, don’t forget to leave essential stuff you use every day unpacked. You will need these items during the last day before moving, when all your stuff is already packed. You will also need it on the first day and at night you come to the new place. Your essentials may be towels, hygiene products, phone charger, basic clothes etc.

It will be convenient to pack all your essential items in the suitcase. You can easily transport a suitcase with you anywhere you need, moreover, it has compartments, so you can sort your stuff. And what is most important – your essentials won’t be damaged or lost.


Maybe you did not think about it before, but packing books into the suitcase is a good idea. If you hold just one or two books in your hand, they don’t seem so heavy. But when you pack a bunch of books in the box, it will be difficult to lift this box. And just imagine how uncomfortable it is to hold and carry these heavy boxes.

With the suitcase you don’t need to carry something in your hand. Even though a suitcase can be as heavy as a box, there are wheels on the suitcase’s bottom, they help a lot. So, you can easily transport your heavy books in the suitcase.

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