Apex Legends Uprising Collection Event: Cosmetics, LTM Revenant Uprising Reviews, and More

The Apex Legends Uprising collection event officially started on December 5th and will continue up to January 2nd, 2024. The event will unlock different skins and conclude the Kill Code saga.

Participating in the Apex Legends Uprising Event

You may need to download a small patch of updates before joining the event. If you don’t have an Apex Legends account, you can purchase from a collection of Apex accounts for sale. Visit U7BUY  to stay updated with Apex Legends and other popular events in the gaming world.

The Uprising Collection event offers 24 collectible items that players must collect to unlock Loba’s prestige skin. Each week, the players will partake in a series of different challenges to win boosts. The boosts can be used only for one week before they are upgraded with the next challenges.

Aside from the Uprising LTM, the event unlocks several exciting collectibles for players.

Limited-Time Mode: Revenant Uprising

The Revenant Uprising is a 30vs30 war where players strive to reach the evacuation point while evading the Revenant Army. The Army leader can respawn with top-tier shields and weapons. Reviews on the Revenant Uprising LTM are flying in and so far, the players are not so happy.

Players’ reviews on the Revenant Uprising LTM

Some Apex Legends players are calling the new Limited-time mode the worst-ever update. The new LTM is called Revenant Uprising, and some players start the game as Revenant. The other players need to reach the extraction point while surviving enemy squads.

Players have reported that Revenants can travel the whole game map without coming across any enemies. Players have also complained about the low respawn points and balance problems. Overall, the Limited Time Revenant mode is not expected to be popular once the event ends.

How to get Loba’s prestige skin in the Uprising Collection Event

Loba’s prestige skin, the Apex Lycanthrope, can be yours if you collect all 24 uprising collection event items before the event ends in January.

Here are all the legend skins that will be collectible through the Apex Legends Uprising collection event:

  • Divine Oracle-Seer
  • Pearlescent-Mirage
  • Defiant Usurper-Maggie
  • Ascendant-Valkyrie
  • Graceful Hunt-Vantage
  • Divine Legion-Bangalore
  • Thunder Clap-Gibraltar
  • Sleek and Suave-Ballistic
  • Allfather’s Chosen-Bloodhound

The final Kill Code battle

The Uprising event concluded the Kill Code saga with Kill Code 4. The final Kill Code battle was carried out in the first hour of the event’s launch on December 5th. The Kill Code Uprising limited-time mode will now be available on the weekends for players who wish to participate.

Uprising weekly Reward trackers and challenges

As the event progresses, players can unlock new ranks and challenges each week to collect skins and weapons.

Here is a list of challenges on the Apex Legends Uprising event from December 5th to December 12:

  • Inheritance Transition
  • Grenadier Vision
  • x2 Battle Pass Stars
  • x25 Crafting Metals
  • x2 Battle Pass Stars
  • Uprising Protector Banner Badge
  • Grenadier Sling
  • Cosmos Octane Frame

Challenge participants will receive boosts that can be used for other events throughout the week.

Uprising Collection event collectible items list

The 24 collectible items include legend skins, weapon skins, and banner frames. Here are all the Uprising event collectible weapon skins:

  • Gatekeeper-Spitfire
  • Nouveau Style-L-star
  • Shard Deco-C.A.R
  • Lightning Strike-HAVOC
  • Triple Stakes-Triple Take
  • Emerald Eye-Charge Rifle
  • Tie the Knot-Peacekeeper
  • Eye of the Idol-Wingman
  • Full Dusk-Flatline

The collectible banner frames and the legends are:

  • Aerial Ascent-Valkyrie
  • Echo’s Grove-Vantage
  • Undercroft-Bangalore
  • Protector of the Realm-Gibraltar
  • Offering-Ballistic
  • Raven’s Legion-Bloodhound

Collecting all 24 Limited-time cosmetics before the event ends unlocks Loba’s prestige skin, Apex Lycanthrope.

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