Best Gadgets To Simplify Life For College Students

College is a wholly different experience that comes with its own set of new challenges but that doesn’t mean you cannot simplify it as much as you like. Why not start with the basics; invest in gadgets that would make life easy while you are at college. Purchasing a decent laptop and adequate smart stationery that can be connected to the campus Wi-Fi will be enough for starters.

Furthermore, if you are stressed out whether the internet in your dorm room will function smoothly, why not utilize an internet service, that’s highly reliable, easily accessible in your area, and offers exceptionally high speed. Although there are many service providers, who offer amazing monthly internet packages, select a service that’s smooth without the occasional hiccup. We recommend getting hands on one of the Centurylink internet deals, that’s premium service and doesn’t break the bank!

Our Checklist – The Best Gadgets To Simplify Your Student College Life

Below listed are some of the best gadgets that would simplify your student college life. Read on to find out!

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Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook

If you are looking for a device that can instantly synchronize your notes with various apps and the cloud, then the Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook is a smart addition, to begin with. Simply jot all your study notes using one of the Pilot FriXion pens and automatically all notes will be synced with Google Drive, OneNote, Dropbox, Slack, or any other app. It even automatically syncs with your email, so you never have to worry about your notes getting misplaced. Once you are done, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and with almost 36 pages, you will get ample space to take notes for every class.

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Philips Hue Go Portable Smart Light

If you are looking for light options, then the Philips Hue Go Portable Smart Light is great. Whether you live in a dorm room or have your own space, this smart light comes with varying shades of white light that would instantly brighten up any room. This is a wireless lighting device that can be paired with an app, giving a myriad of color options besides white to the user. The smart light has a 3-hour long battery life, so whether you have called friends over or need to cram before a major test, this light will help you keep awake. What’s more is that it works best with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, so you can simply align it with them.

Tile Pro Series Bluetooth Tracker Device

Are you prone to misplacing your things all the time? Are you deeply worried about how you will manage to keep track of your stuff as you navigate through college halls, understand class lectures, and maintain a social life? You don’t have to worry anymore! The Tile Pro Series Bluetooth Tracker Device is a fantastic piece of technology that will erase all your worries away. Simply connect this with your Bluetooth and use the app to track the stuff every time you have misplaced it. There’s a community as well, that can help you locate your stuff if you have forgotten where you kept your things last.

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The ChargeTree Swing from STM Goods

Dorm life can be hectic as you have to manage everything on your own. While managing a small space is usually no big deal but it can get chaotic pretty fast if you are not careful about your daily routine and your possessions. Since most of our devices are usually powered, they are soaked dry by the end of the day. To get all your charging in one place, we suggest that you invest in the minimalistic ChargeTree Swing from STM Goods. This excellent charging station will get all your device’s charges within no time. Moreover, it is compact and extremely easy to carry. You can charge a smartphone, smartwatch, and AirPods wireless charging case, without any issue. Now you no longer have to worry about pesky cables coming in your way, adding clutter to your small space at college.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

College dormitories aren’t exactly the quietest of places, so if you ever find yourself stressed out about an upcoming test, give these headphones a try. The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 is a pair of noise-canceling headphones, that is a total steal if you are looking for something that will stop you from getting distracted by all that noise. Whether the surrounding noise stops you from studying or from getting a good night’s sleep, these noise-canceling headphones will help achieve your goal. In addition to the built-in Wi-Fi, these headphones help you to block out all such distractions when work deadlines are nearby.

The Bottom Line…

Tech gadgets are an intelligent investment but that doesn’t mean that you need to overburden yourself with debts besides the student loan. While some devices such as purchasing a laptop may be on the higher end, countless websites sell gadgets and gizmos at half the price and even less. While such devices may reduce the physical load on a student, such tech gadgets help students to keep in close contact with their families back home and the new community that they are now a part of.

Even though we listed some of the best gadgets that can make a difference in your daily life at college, these gadgets only work best if they are connected to a steady internet connection, which comes under your budget, and does not fluctuate. If you opt for a service that might be affordable but dawdles, this will eventually affect the gadget, and further your quality of life as you won’t be able to use these gadgets as they are meant to be used.

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