Should You Work with a Real Estate Agent?

For many, one of the first steps to buy a house is finding a realtor to help throughout the process. That’s the traditional path when it comes to eventual home ownership, but living in the internet age means that others feel like they can do the heavy lifting themselves. 

There’s also homes that are for sale by the owner. If the home of your dreams is being sold like that, should you, as the buyer, also not work with a real estate agent as well? If you aren’t sure what exactly a real estate agent does or doesn’t do, here’s some information that might make that decision a little clearer on your end.

They Are The Professionals

Doing everything they can to find the right home for you is their job, simple as that. Just because it’s the right time for you to buy a house doesn’t mean that everything else in life can get put on pause. The kids are still going to be going to school and busy with sports, band, etc. Work for you is still going to be taking as much time out of your day as it always is.

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Those normal day-to-day things might make it a little hard to actively look for a new house. While you are tending to everything else in life, a realtor could spend part of their work day just finding exactly what you are looking for in a home.

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All That Knowledge

You know what you want in a house better than anyone else but a professional is going to know how to take those wants and turn them into a reality better than anyone else. You give them all your requirements and budget, and they’ll know how to make that happen.

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Also if you are new to an area but looking to settle down, you’ll be able to take advantage of all their knowledge. If they are seasoned enough, they might have some knowledge off the top of their heads about a neighborhood you’ve been considering. With that knowledge, they might be able to answer questions you wouldn’t have thought to ask.

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From taxes, potential development in the area, and the quality of local schools, they’ll be quite familiar about what any local neighborhood has been like and how it might look for years and years to come.

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But All This Comes At A Price

If money is the number one issue, you might have some initial concerns with wanting to bring in a realtor. Outside of an intra-family sale (where having no realtor is somewhat common), money is the only reason one might not want to bring in a professional real estate agent. 

Even if the realtor only takes a 3% cut, with the price of modern homes, that number can still be fairly large once the deal is said and done. Typically, that’s going to be on the seller. If that’s the case for you, there might be no reason, as the buyer, to go without a professional. 

If you are on the selling end of things, depending on your situation, this might be something to consider.

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