Is a Magician Right for Your Next Party?

Magicians are some of the most incredible performers in the world.  With their skilled ability to use timing, misdirection, and charisma to seemingly bend and break the laws of the natural world, they can get an entire crowd energized.

How do you make sure a magician is the right call for your event?  From ensuring you don’t overwhelm them with a crowd to fitting the theme for your party, these are the top things to consider before hiring a fantastic magician.

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Who’s Attending?

What’s the audience going to be like?  Magicians are best for kids’ parties and events for adults over the age of 25.  Although magic can still be fun for some teens, most get bored of it or might just spend the entire act trying to pick apart what the magician’s tricks are, and this could leave the event boring for everyone.  Children still have their sense of wonder, and most adults are eager to be surprised and see something new.  

What’s Your Budget?

The average magician can cost between $200 to $500 an hour, depending on their skill and popularity.  It’s vital that you shop around and look at professionals like Adam Wylie before making your budget.  Waiting to do so can lead to you having to deal with the disappointment of finding out that they’re already booked or are far out of your budget.  

The further out you plan your event, the more time you have to save money and ensure you’ll be set!  A great magician is a type of entertainment more than worth budgeting for.  

What’s the Theme or Purpose?

What’s the theme or reason for this party?  Is it an engagement party for a young couple?  A retirement party?  A birthday party for a kid?  Every party has a different theme or purpose, and deciding to lean into it can be fun.  If you want to hire entertainment, but this is a pirate-themed party, a magician might not be the best call.  If, instead, you’re driven to make the entertainment be a magician, consider changing the theme to something that has to do with magic, so it’s more fun and cohesive.

What Type of Venue is This?

The venue only matters because it decides how much room there will be for your guests and entertainment.  Although many magicians don’t need a lot of room, if there’s only a sitting room at your venue, and it’s tight besides that with no stage, a magician may struggle to make the best of this space and offer the show that you and your guests would want to see.  

How Many People Will Be There?

How many guests are you expecting?  Of course, the more, the merrier, but if you’re expecting your magician to mingle and have fun with the crowd, it’s a good idea to consider hiring more entertainment than just them to keep the crowd busy in a larger event.  Although a magician is incredibly fun to see and interact with, if your event has a thousand people, many aren’t going to see the magician.  

There’s No Wrong Time for a Great Magician

If you can find a magician with tons of personality and a fun attitude: you’ll never have the wrong time to entertain a magician.

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