What do you know about Russian oak barrels?

Russian oak barrels are one of the favorite products of customers when there is a need for aging. This is considered an ideal material to bring delicious flavors to each type of wine. The following article will give you more detailed information about this product.

Russian oak – great material

Oak in general and Russian oak in particular is considered an excellent material for making wine barrels. With an eye-catching appearance thanks to the color from light brown to white, the elliptical center and unique veins should be more and more popular.

Russian oak has a strong and supple nature, so it is less prone to warping and is easily processed to create different designs. Therefore, it is not difficult to produce wine barrels with such shapes.

In addition, the structure of Russian oak is very tight, so steam is almost impossible to penetrate. Therefore, the aging process will not be affected by the external environment, keeping the flavor of the wine absolutely preserved. Moreover, with this durable structure, it is not penetrated by termites, mold, so it is very durable. So this product was born as if it was for soaking.

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How high quality Russian oak barrels?

It is not natural that everyone wants to own Russian oak barrels to soak, because the quality of this product is undeniable.

Elegant and sophisticated design

Each oak barrel is assembled from wooden slats, tightly connected with stainless steel rings, creating a closed whole, certainly favorable for aging. The inside of the barrel will be burned to bring out the scent of the wood, giving the wine more flavor when aged. You can request the barrel to be burned more or less, this affects the aroma obtained. The inherent color and natural grain of Russian oak make this model even more beautiful. Therefore, it also has the effect of decorating your space.

Add flavor to wine, remove toxins

The best use of oak barrels when aging wine is to add flavor to the wine as well as remove the toxins in it. So using it not only gives you a delicious wine taste, but also has health benefits to enjoy. It also helps the body to prevent some common diseases.

In oak we can find a lot of organic substances, they will be absorbed into the wine during aging, making the flavor more intense as well as more beautiful. It also removes the toxins in the wine through seeping into the wood and escaping.

Long lasting durability

Russian oak barrels can last up to 5 7 years and more when you know how to use and care for them. So you can soak a lot of wine to enjoy or do business. Oak wood is also not affected by termites because they are processed and dried very carefully. It also does not warp or crack, and withstands great impact, so you can use it with peace of mind.

When used up to a certain time, the scent is no longer the same as the original, the alcohol will also be different, now we need to change it. And this old barrel can be repurposed to make many different beautiful pieces of furniture.

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Properly store oak barrels for longer durability

Even with such high quality, if you do not know how to preserve and use it, this oak barrel will quickly degrade over time. So what do we need to do?

Before using you need:

Check the box for any tightness, warping, cracking problems

Clean the barrel with cold water to remove wood chips, wood chips

Fill with water and soak the barrel for 1 day to check and let the water soak to help expand the barrel

Dry the barrel by sloping it down to drain

While using you should:

Store in a place with a stable temperature, cool, avoid sudden rise and fall of temperature

Do not place other objects on the surface of the container

The brewing process needs to be followed properly to get a good batch of wine

Maintaining this oak barrel is also very simple, right? You can know more of this information when choosing to buy a crate, the staff will advise you on everything to use for the most value.

So we have just gone through a few basic features of oak barrels for you, hope you will gain more knowledge about this product to choose to buy it.

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