Save the date cards you will love: best and trending ideas

Weddings have always been a hectic thing since decades. The modern couples however are trying to minimise this burden, and go for a simpler wedding. No matter what the arrangements or type of wedding you plan, there will always be some wedding invitations. Otherwise, how can you expect people to attend your wedding?

Save the dates are often an ignored aspect of every wedding. Most of us think about save the date cards when there are only a few days left before the wedding. In such a situation, haste literally makes waste. If your wedding is approaching, and you haven’t even given a single thought about how your wedding card would be, then it is high time to consider some of the trending ideas.

If you feel that it is too early, then let us mention that things done at the very end of your wedding event will only turn out to be a disaster. You might not know, but almost every couple around you will tell you that most of their guests were upset for not receiving the card on time. So those of you who do not want to feel embarrassed at their wedding, they should consider this task as soon as they have decided the venue and the wedding date.

Now the next thing which puts this on hold is the type of wedding card. Many people do not know what type of wedding invitation would look nice, and compatible with their wedding. Most youngsters want to go above and beyond the traditional wedding invitations which is pretty cool, as long as the wedding card has all the necessary details on it. Believe us or not, today you can do several things with your wedding invites. Let us explore the trending ideas.

Save the date cards you will love best and trending ideas1

Magnetic save the dates

Do you have more than two older people or senior citizens in your wedding guest list? Then it is high time to go for something innovative, that can help your family members remember your wedding date.

Magnetic save the dates are a great option. These are slightly expensive, but you can order a few for the oldies in your wedding such as your parents, grandparents, teachers, or neighbours. You may also get one for yourself, to remember your wedding day.

Ordering the magnetic save the dates to any random wedding card designer would be a disaster. You must first read reviews about the best wedding invites’ designer, and then place an order.

Picture of your wedding rings

Your wedding rings can induce a feeling of curiosity in all those who would see them. Therefore, it will be a great idea to have a photo of both the wedding or engagement rings on the wedding invitation. All you need to do is contact a good and reliable photographer, ask him to take a picture of the wedding rings. It can be a picture solely of the wedding rings, or you can wear those rings and then take an intimate picture of your hands. Whatever suits you, the purpose of this style is to induce curiosity.

Simple and bold wedding cards

The simple and bold wedding invitations have always been a royalty. All you are supposed to do for such a design is to select a font, and then a contrasting background. Mention all the details, but do not forget to mention the dates in a bold manner.

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Photos of the couple

Another way to make everything happy for your wedding through the wedding cards, is to have a couple photoshoot before the wedding. To do this, we will advise you to contact a professional photographer. Ask him to set a theme, or you can go for a random walk and have some good candid pictures for the wedding invitation. Either Way it would be a great and impactful way to invite people to your wedding.

The autumn style card

The brown and red colored autumn leaves often give a gloomy vibe. But when you adjust it with a happy feeling, things turn out very differently. So to have a unique wedding invitation, you can think of having an autumn themed card, however, make it a bit more vibrant and colourful, unlike the halloween party cards.

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