Total A-Z Information About Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew

Being a pilot and a flight attendant has many similarities. For example, both professions are exciting. Both professions will make you fall in love with sky and clouds. Also in order to become a flight attendant you have to make sure you don’t have a fear of height. In most cases girls become flight attendants. Being a flight attendant has its own perks and bad sides.

Lifestyle of Flight Attendants

The lifestyle of a flight attendant is very different from normal person. They have to be in the sky for hours non-stop. Then flight attendants have their own uniform that they have to wear for hours. Many people think that being a flight attendant is easy. Actually it isn’t. There are many things a flight attendant has to do. Here’s the details of their job. How can you know about best website and more website visit here

  1. At first let’s know about the responsibilities of a flight attendant
  • Flight attendants have to make sure that every passenger feels safe as well as comfortable during the whole journey.
  • During the flight, they have to offer beverages along with snacks to all passengers , from time to time.
  • All flight attendants must know how to demonstrate the use of emergency. Also they have to learn how to use safety equipment Because during any emergency the safety of all passengers are in the hands of the flight attendants.
  • In a flight, there will be many passengers with special needs. So flight attendants must provide extra care and hospitality to such passengers so that they don’t feel uncomfortable in any way.
  • At times there will be flight turbulence. During that period, it is normal that many passengers will get scared. So, flight attendants have to provide reassurance to the passengers.
  • Last, but not the least, in case of any sort of emergency, flight attendants have to provide first aid and medical care to the passengers.
  1. Flight Attendants Skills And Qualifications

There are certain skills a person must have in order to become a flight attendant.

  • At first the person must be above 18. That’s the most basic qualification. Then she must have a valid passport.
  • In order to become a good flight attendant, a person must be attentive. So that she can notice small
  • Flight Attendants must have good communication skills. It is very important to communicate with passengers properly. Along with communication, listening is very important. A flight attendant must listen to every passenger’s words.
  • Possibility of facing emergencies during any flight is never zero. So during any emergency flight attendants have to make wise decisions within moments.Read More About : lbiladonline . Touch here : thenewsempire , and Click here : wikinewsfeed
  1. Schedule of a flight attendant

At times the schedule of a flight attendant is very unconventional. At times flight attendants can’t go home for days. Even there will be times, where you have to give up on special occasions in order to fulfill your duties. Even though schedules are unconventional. Flight Attendants live their job. Because travelling is fun. And many people love to travel.

If you become a flight attendant you will face many unwanted situations. At times the passengers won’t behave as nicely as you will expect. But you have to keep yourself calm.

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