Trends 2022: 7 most fashionable colors for painting walls

In a fashionable interior, everything should be trendy – from furniture and decor to the color of the walls. Read what colors for painting walls are most relevant in 2022.

  1. Very Peri

Only a lazy person has not yet written about the Very Peri shade (actually, it is a well-known periwinkle), which was announced as the main color of the year 2022 by the Pantone color institute. This rather complex color, which is a combination of deep blue and red-purple tones, is designed to reflect the modern spirit of the era.

Symbolically, periwinkle is associated with vitality and energy. Painting the walls in the shade of Very Peri is a risky move, but as a reward for courage, you will get not only a deep and expressive background for furniture and decor, but also feel the incredible energy of this rich color.

  1. Terracotta

The natural palette came into fashion last year, and continues to occupy a stable position. Terracotta is also a rather deep and ambiguous color. When using it for painting walls, you need to take into account that it is a very warm color, which is definitely suitable for “northern” rooms. The most organic combination of terracotta is with neutral colors (white, gray, black). As an option, you can paint only one wall in a fashionable color. For example, a blue or blue sofa will look very impressive in the living room against the background of an accent terracotta wall.

Trends 2022 7 most fashionable colors for painting walls1

  1. Green

Green color is the undisputed leader this year both in interior design and in the design of clothes and accessories. It is recommended to paint the walls green in the bedroom. It is here that its most valuable qualities are revealed, such as the ability to calm, relieve stress and charge with optimism. In addition, green walls are a great option for a kitchen in the style of Art Nouveau or Provence. On a green background, the dining group, which includes a table of a light shade and white chairs , will stand out surprisingly clearly .

Trends 2022 7 most fashionable colors for painting walls2

  1. Beige

Another representative of the currently fashionable Neutral palette is beige. Actually, many custom home builders have preferred beige as the main color for wall decoration for many years. A universal shade suitable for any interior style, beige has long become a classic for painting walls in the living room, bedroom and kitchen, along with white, gray and most pastel tones. If you are not satisfied with aggressive or too dark trendy colors, feel free to choose any shade from the beige palette.

Trends 2022 7 most fashionable colors for painting walls3

  1. Black

Walls painted in black are an ideal option for modern and neoclassical, minimalism and industrial style (in their most diverse manifestations). The kitchen, bedroom and study, decorated in this style, will not seem gloomy and strict at all. On the contrary, the black color of the walls helps to emphasize the luxury of furniture and expensive decor, fills the room with an atmosphere of chic, aristocracy and glamour.

In addition, black and anthracite colors are perfect for painting the walls on the balcony. This option combines practicality with the ability to create a cozy chamber atmosphere.

Trends 2022 7 most fashionable colors for painting walls4

  1. Pink

Along with periwinkle, green and terracotta, pink is also relevant for painting walls in 2022. But unlike saturated shades, pink can bring lightness, tenderness and some naivety to the interior. You can paint the walls pink in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Pink walls in the hallway will look interesting and original. And of course, this is the most relevant color for the decoration of walls in a children’s room for a girl.

Trends 2022 7 most fashionable colors for painting walls5

  1. Color Blocking

Color blocking is not a single color, but rather a technique of wall decoration that combines several different shades into one decorative unit. Like green at one time, color-blocking came to our homes straight from the fashion catwalks, following the general trend of duplicating the main trends in clothing design for interior design. Painting the walls according to the Color Blocking principle allows you to use several colors at the same time, which actively interact with furniture, textiles and other interior items.

Trends 2022 7 most fashionable colors for painting walls6

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