Best Netflix Horror Series for summer

One of the best ways to spend your summer days is by watching spooky horror shows that leave chills in your bones. And for all those summer nights, we have bought a hand-picked selection of horror shows that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Now, we understand that horror fans might not always gravitate towards horror shows- for the scare factor can often seem too stretched out. However, with these shows, we promise you won’t get bored! From brilliant writing to remarkable characters, these horror series are worth all the hype!

Most of these shows can be found on Netflix. However, if you don’t have access to one, you can watch them for free on a TV aerial. If you want more information on this, simply click here and contact professionals.


French horror series are not only creepy but scares you to your core. No wonder Marianne is the first movie on our list! With a 94% score on Rotten Tomatoes, the show has been described as ‘A juicy, clever, and very gory delight’. The story of Marianne starts with Emma Larsimone, a writer who writes horror stories, often ones that revolve around the witch that used to terrorize her dreams when she was young. Bored with her stories, she decides to end the Marianne horror series and start on a new adventure- only, this pisses off the actual witch Marianne- who wants her to continue writing about her. When Emma stays adamant, the witch manifests itself in the real world and starts wreaking havoc on it! When a childhood friend tells Emma about the problems the witch is causing, she is forced to return to her hometown to get rid of her. However, things take a turn for the worse- and a creepier plot line follows. Influenced by the cult horror classics like The Exorcist, Evil Dead and The Omen, the show is sure to scare you- with the jump scares as well as the creepy face that Marianne is associated with!

Archive 81

Another horror show that will leave you questioning your reality, Archive 81 is perfect for those who are bored of the repeated storylines in horror shows and series on Netflix. Bringing forward a story that’s not been told before- with an amazing direction and storytelling, Archive 81 is a ride you don’t want to miss! The show starts with Dan Turner, a Film archivist and museum creator. He gets recruited by a businessman, Virgil, to restore a bunch of damaged tapes. What follows is a creepy yet extremely interesting plot line that owes its success to the amazing acting by the actors. Virgil insists that Dan restores them in a remote facility where they are stored and Dan agrees, as he would be paid 100k on successful completion of the project. However, when he starts watching the Tapes- all of which are recorded by a lade named Melody- things start getting, well, creepy. Melody, a young woman, has just moved into the Visser apartments and is recording her life there with a video camera. Over the next eight hours, Archive 81 puts out several jumps scares, conspiracy theories and cult working- all of which fit perfectly into the plot line! A must watch, Archive 81 is a show forever horror fan out there!

The Mist

What happens when people start mysteriously dying? And no, it’s not a serial killer- at least, not a human one! The Mist is a horror show based on a Stephen King book that delivers to its audience- just like its book counterpart. It is no surprise that Stephen King’s stories are one of a kind, and scary enough to shake your bones. However, with them being presented on the screen, a lot depends on the plot and the acting. It’s safe to say that The Mist delivers both, and far more! The stories follow the lives of people living in a small town- one which is usually unproblematic. However, when a mysterious mist starts rolling in and monsters start plaguing the town, things get, well, interesting, to say the least. Now it is up to the townspeople to not only figure out what is in the mist but also how to survive this weird catastrophe. With problems of their own, the characters have a lot more to deal with than just the monster though! The show focuses mainly on Alex and Eve, a mother-daughter duo who are looking to leave the town. Caught in the mist on their way out, they seek shelter in a church with the rest of the town.

In complete Stephen King style, The Mist makes for a scary, monster driven, jump scares and creepy horror show that you are bound to love!

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