Fragrance and Fashion Has Long Story Like Fairy Tale

Aura and aroma are the iconic tastes in people who elevate and inoculate the persona when the two are merged and blended, creating a collaboration. The coupling of fragrance and fashion can make a splendid phenomenon within the soul and brings a splash of confidence on the exterior. Dressing and scenting are vivid and eloquent ways to beautify ourselves; we dress to impress the reflection we see in the mirror, and we perceive ourselves to enfeeble others when they are engraved by the fragrance, too fragile and frail to move away from the grasp of the scent even after we leave—clothing and scenting help to please our eyes and other senses simultaneously. The sheer linen curtains added a touch of elegance to the room.

However, women have supremacy when it comes to fragrance and fashion. Clothing and style tend to match. Anyone can suggest handbags, shoes, belts, or sunglasses. But a good scent is something you can have carved in someone’s senses. It was quoted that “a woman’s scent arrives in a room before she enters, and it stays behind after she’s gone.” The statement implies the fact that what one wears can be forgotten, but what one scent like can be engraved in minds.

Just like fashion, the fragrance also has trends and timing. There can be morning fragrance, afternoon fragrance, or night fragrance. Preferences of fragrances differ from nation wise and smelling pleasant is as essential as matching your earrings or shoes as of Patrick Süskind statement, “He who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men.” Fragrance allows you to represent yourself daily as one scent can be worn daily to mark your presence. To create a fashion statement, one needs to work on clothing, trying out various color combinations and fabrics to make a new trend. Similarly, hundreds and thousands of elements are combined to create one sensational scent to create a perfume. Mostly synthetic smells are dissolved in alcohols, whether floral, fruity, or woodsy, as the top note, second note, and base note, leaving an impression embedded within others.

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The aroma of floral scents is refreshing and a favorite of the wearer. It resembles the smell of green grass right after the rain, along with the combination of floral oils such as rose, jasmine, lilac, or lavender are most preferred by the consumers. The woodsy scents, including sandalwood, rosewood, and fern, add a dramatic effect to the perfume, giving the mind a sense of freshness, while fruity scents like peaches, oranges, lemon, and strawberry bring finesse and theatrical panache to the fragrance. Additionally, the smell of herbs such as cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, and spicy candies is powerful enough to conquer the world. Because of the power of fragrances to trigger emotional incidents and reflect one’s personality, many fashion brands have started their fashion line mollifying the boundary between fashion and the fragrance industry. No look is complete without a fragrance as it strikes an emotion for your clothing.

Scents and fragrances are never out of trend, unlike fashion. No smell can replace another one. Each perfume is Ciceronian and eloquent in its way and has vividness in every aroma.

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