How to Select the Best Drip Pipe for your Garden!

What is a drip pipe?

Drip pipes are irrigation equipment used in several gardens or farms for irrigating. They operate by providing water directly to the roots of the plants in form of water droplets through a series of tubing, valves, and emitters. For a drip system to work efficiently, it should be well designed, maintained, and controlled. Here are some considerations when choosing a drip pipe.

How does it work?

How to Select the Best Drip Pipe for your Garden1

The installation and the design of these pipes have to be perfect for one to benefit extensively. Theuse of drip pipes irrigation is a better way to minimize erosion, evaporations, among other things. The system works by supplying water directly to the roots of the plants slowly. This ensures that water is adequately absorbed into the farm where it is utilized efficiently.

What are their prices?

The prices of drip pipes vary from one to another depending on the size, quality, and design. The pipes come in different lengths, diameters, and designs. Quality, of course, is the main factor that determines the prices of drip pipes for sale in Kenya.

Suitable crops and soils

Drip pipes are more efficient with crops; fruits, vegetables, trees, etc. It is suitable for high-value crops because of the high installation cost. The suitability of these pipes is undeniable. It is suitable for almost all soils. The secret is to know the type of soil and control the water supply to avoid runoffs.


Drip pipes are considerably durable. They are manufactured to irrigate; this means that the manufacturer considered the fact that the pipes will be exposed throughout and chose the best material for the pipes. They can last for a considerable amount of time before being disposed of.


Price of the pipes.

Size of farm or garden to be irrigated.

Quality of the material used.

Amount of pressure needed for the pipe to be efficient

Rate of flow.


The drip pipes provide control over the amount of water to be supplied.

They are economical as they illuminate the possibilities of wasting water.

It is easy to collect and arrange in the garden as it weighs less.

Reduces weed. This is a result of direct water supply to the roots. The spaces in between the plants do not receive water making it hard for weeds to grow.

Eliminates the possibility of run offs or soil erosion.

They are eco-friendly. They reduce the amount of energy consumed and save water.


High initial cost. Installation and design are quite expensive.

Blockage of the emitters every once in a while.

Require high operation skills.


Generally, a drip irrigation system is very beneficial to large-scale irrigation. It saves on both time and water wastage that could otherwise not have been avoided. There are plenty of drip pipes available in the markets today, before purchasing, take a deep dive on the internet to find out which suits your needs best.

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