How to Use Bandicam Screen Recorder for Seamless Screen Capturing

Are you tired of using screen recorders that lag and produce low-quality videos? Look no further than Bandicam Screen Recorder, an excellent software that allows you to record your screen with high-quality visuals and sound.

In this article, we will guide you on how to use Bandicam Screen Recorder to capture seamless and professional-looking videos.

What is Bandicam Screen Recorder?

Bandicam Screen Recorder is a software that allows you to record your computer screen, gameplay, webcam, and external devices. The software supports a range of video and audio codecs, enabling you to record high-quality videos with minimal lag.

How to use Bandicam Screen Recorder

Download and install Bandicam Screen Recorder
The first step to using Bandicam Screen Recorder is to download and install the software. Go to the official Bandicam website and download the software for free. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to install the software on your computer.

Configure your recording settings

After installing the software, launch Bandicam Screen Recorder and configure your recording settings. Choose the recording mode that suits your needs, such as full screen, rectangular screen, or game recording mode.

You can also adjust the video and audio settings, such as the video size, frame rate, and audio quality. These settings are essential in producing high-quality videos that are suitable for your needs.

Start recording

Once you have configured your recording settings, you can start recording your screen. To do this, click on the “Record” button, and Bandicam Screen Recorder will start capturing your screen.

Edit your recorded video

After recording your screen, you can edit your video using the built-in video editor in Bandicam Screen Recorder. The editor allows you to trim, cut, and add effects to your video, making it more professional and engaging.

Save and share your video

Once you have edited your video, you can save it in a range of video formats, such as MP4, AVI, and WMV. You can also share your video on various platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.


In conclusion, Bandicam Screen Recorder is an excellent software that enables you to capture high-quality videos with minimal lag. By following the steps above, you can use Bandicam Screen Recorder to produce seamless and professional-looking videos suitable for your needs. Give it a try, and you’ll never look back!

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