Instructions on How to Play Chinese Chess for Beginners From A to Z

Chinese chess is one of the most popular traditional subjects today. From 32 chess pieces, hundreds of different playing positions can be created, making the game even more attractive. To become a good chess player, you need to understand the most basic rules. The following article, Nhà cái uy tín I will introduce more details so you can quickly grasp how to play, let’s find out.
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What is Chinese chess?

Chess is a folk game that originated from China and was introduced to our country a long time ago, also known as “Tuong Ky”. The way to play this game is quite simple, but the changes in a game make many people excited. Each move requires clear calculation, like setting up an army for battle.

Many people think that the Chinese chess board is like simulating a battle between two countries. To win, players must know how to use each chess piece, have reasonable and flexible strategies. In other words, Tuong Ky is like an intellectual battle between two chess players. Whoever can overturn the opponent’s general first wins.

Today, this game is not only a form of entertainment but also an intellectual sport. There are many large and small tournaments organized and a large number of chess players participate. From there, it can be seen that Tuong flag has great appeal, not inferior to other types of flags.

What are the rules of chess?

To master this type of chess, you need to understand the basic rules. From there, you will know how to apply and transform it in the most appropriate way. Here is the most basic knowledge about the game rules for new players:

Chess board and arrangement

The Tuong Ky game board has a rectangular shape with 9 vertical lines and 10 horizontal rows perpendicular to each other. In the middle is a space called the river, created by two straight lines, dividing the chess board into two equal, symmetrical parts, like two separate territories.

Each side will have a Nine Palace made up of 4 squares, with 2 diagonal lines passing through, located on vertical lines 4, 5, 6. The chess pieces are arranged in 3 rows, 1 row of pawns, 1 row of destroyers, and 1 row of pawns. The remaining pieces are on a row. By convention, the red (white) piece is below and the blue (black) piece is above when viewed from the front.

Chess pieces and how to move

A Chinese chess board consists of 32 pieces, divided equally between two sides. Each side has 16 troops divided into 7 types: Generals, Soldiers, Tuongs (Tinh, Bo), Horses, Rooks, Cannons and Pawns (Pawns, Soldiers). In particular, each piece will have a different way of moving, specifically:

  • General: Only allowed to move within the Nine Palaces and can move up, down, horizontally but not diagonally. In addition, each move moves one square at a time.
  • Si: Only moves within the same palace as General, but moves diagonally 1 space per move.
  • Bishop: A move that moves 2 squares diagonally. However, if there is any piece in the middle of the diagonal, the bishop will be blocked. Besides, according to Chinese chess conventions, the bishop cannot cross the river.
  • Code: Move according to the principle of combination, that is, each move will take 2 steps, horizontal or vertical then 1 square diagonally. If the first step is blocked, the knight will no longer be able to follow that path.
  • Vehicle: Go horizontally or vertically, unlimited number of cells per trip.
  • Cannon: Moves like a Rook, but the Cannon can only attack when the line connecting the Cannon and the required piece has another piece in the middle.
  • Pawn: Moves 1 square each move. While on its side, the Pawn can only move forward. Crossing the river will add the ability to move sideways, but still limited to 1 square.

When does the chess game end?

A game will end if one of the following situations occurs:
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  • Checkmate: If one side checks and the other side has no way to block, the checkmate wins.
  • Out of moves: It means it’s your turn to play but there are no valid moves.
  • There are also some cases such as: opposing the General, checking the General 10 times continuously, going 120 turns without any piece being captured,…

Experience in playing Chinese chess always wins

In addition to understanding the rules, you can refer to the following tips to increase your winning rate:

  • Always protect the General: Because this is the most important piece on the table, if you let it be checked, you will lose. Therefore, choose a location to place the general carefully and safely.
  • Don’t forget attack skills: A chess game cannot be won if the player only focuses on protecting the Champion but must use attack skills to weaken the opponent.

Above is a summary of information about chess, which is loved by many people thanks to its interesting gameplay. Hopefully, through the article shared bysport Nhà cái uy tín can help you clearly understand and quickly get acquainted with this intellectual game.

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