Instructions for the fastest way to top up BK8 Lottery Lobby for you

Players participating in the BK8 lottery always want to learn how to top up the BK8 lottery lobby most accurately to operate more quickly. Players who want to catch up on the game quickly, please follow the “standard” deposit instructions specifically shared in the article below!

1: Overview of the house BK8

Learning the most basic information about the BK8 bookie before clarifying how to make a deposit in the BK88 lottery lobby is something any player needs to know. Only when you trust Bk8 can you safely participate in the fun at the super interesting game halls and especially predict today’s lottery results.

The house bk8 is one of the most prestigious online betting addresses in Asia. In the Vietnamese market, even though it has just been launched, BK8 casino has quickly become one of the hottest names. This unit ensures full legal operation documents licensed by the world’s leading prestigious gambling organization Curacao in the Philippines.

Up to now, Bk8 has been operating strongly by providing all the hottest bets today such as sports betting, horse racing, shooting fish, cockfighting… especially, which unit is known as the playground. top lottery

2: What is BK8 Lottery?

This is one of the betting game halls that are loved by all players who are passionate about red and black gambling. BK8 lottery game hall is vibrant with a variety of lottery results such as:

God of Fortune, Mega 6/45, Power 6/55, Max 3D and Max 4D, Keno…and many other attractive prizes, you just need to register for BK8 to be able to participate in all forms. Have fun with this fun.

To participate effectively in the lobby, you should also use BK8 promotions and follow the best way to top up the BK8 lottery lobby.

3: Instructions on how to top up the BK8 lottery lobby

Brothers who want to participate in the kqxs bonus at the house BK8 can make a flexible deposit below:

3.1 Via Internet banking

For this deposit method, gamers only need to perform the most standard Bk8 deposit steps:

Step 1: Players log in to the Internet banking application to transfer money to the betting account registered with the bk8 bookie. Do not forget to specify the content and amount of the transfer.

Step 2: Go to your own recharge website and note the amount you have deposited, then click to select the deposit channel as online banking. You need to enter the correct transaction code and then click the “submit” button.


3.2 Via Momo wallet

If you want to make a deposit in the lottery lobby to play BK8 lotteries, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: Proceed to login to the game account of BK8 casino, if you have not registered for BK8, you can register quickly and then operate as usual.

Step 2: Select the item “top up” => Select “e-wallet” and select the payment method as Momo wallet.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to top up and select “send” => save the QR code. Then open Momo e-wallet => Proceed to turn on the camera and scan the saved QR code.

Step 4: Once the account shows the amount, the player just needs to click on the corresponding name and enter the same amount as the above operation and “confirm” to complete the transaction.

3.3 Via scratch card

Step 1: Gamers enter the BK8 bookie and log in with the name and password previously registered as a member.

Step 2: Go to “recharge” and select the top-up method which is mobile scratch card. After the system displays the table, just enter the deposit amount => Select send.

Step 3: Continue to fill in the payment information suitable for each type of scratch card you have purchased such as the serial number, card code of Viettel, Vinafone or Mobifone cards.

Step 4: Finally, after doing exactly how to top up the BK8 lottery lobby above, you can update your account balance to see if it’s completed or not!

3.4 Deposit based on Eeziepay

Step 1: Login to Bk8 => select the payment method is Eeziepay.

Step 2: Proceed to make a money transfer order to the BK8 house by selecting the bank that suits the gamer, enter the amount you want to deposit => Click “send” to confirm the transaction information.

Step 3: You can choose the payment method on the system by Internet Banking, after logging in, you need to select “Continue”.

Step 4: Enter the OTP code sent to your mobile phone number and click “Confirm” to complete the transaction.

BK8 Casino

4.Using the F-Go-based BK8 lottery lobby recharge method

F-GO is known as a form of payment by game card suitable for all subjects, especially those who do not have a bank card. You should take advantage of BK8 promotion times to be able to increase capital easily.

You just need to log in to BK8, select a game card and buy a scratch card code to load into the game accordingly. Each player card code can be limited from 20,000 – 100,000 VND with 5 – 10% of the discounted card value.

Finally, go back to the recharge card link and proceed to enter the correct serial number printed on the scratch card => “deposit” to complete.

5.How to recharge BK8 lottery lobby, what should be noted?

Players who make any deposit to play BK8 lottery need to keep the receipt or take a photo of the transaction to avoid possible unfortunate risks.

Trying to mountg enter the correct amount or necessary personal information when you want to top up the game.

It is not recommended to log in as well as save the game password from the BK8 dealer at public gaming devices to avoid account theft.

Each deposit method will have a different way to recharge the BK8 lottery lobby, so you need to consider it carefully to do it correctly.

Above are the things BK8 wants to send to you about how to top up the BK8 lottery lobby. If you want to enjoy the feeling of playing the lottery at this house, please follow the detailed instructions above!

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