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Clay is the most detoxifying and cleansing ingredient you can use to eliminate all the dirt that settles in your skin the whole day. Since clay is collected naturally, it’s filled with minerals that clear out the blemishes and extract the oils and impurities, leaving a brighter complexion. For treating acne-related problems, dermatologists suggest white kaolin clay. Also, clay gives your skin a matte appearance if you have oily skin. Claus is of various kinds, and each color of clay does a separate work. White kaolin clay is for sensitive, irritated skin. The red one is for extracting impurities, the yellow one is for exfoliation and boosting circulation, and the Moroccan clay is suitable for hair and skincare. Since all that clay improves your skin, let’s make some clay masks and feel spa-like at home.


  1. Fullers Earth: Also known as Multani Mitti, this clay is superb for curing hyperpigmentation. Simply add rose water with this clay, apply and leave it for 15 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water. And for dry skin, mix one tablespoon of fuller’s earth with a tablespoon of honey and ½ tablespoon of glycerin. Make a paste and apply and rinse as before. This clay absorbs the oil and makes your skin softer.


Rhassoul Clay: This clay is loaded with minerals that enable it to absorb excess sebum, control blackheads, and keeps away those unwanted zits. For this mask, mix Rhassoul clay with green tea for oily skin, and for curing hyperpigmentation, add rose water. Apply this mask and after leaving it for 15 minutes, gently scrub, and it can also act as an exfoliation. This mask is for those who are contaminated with frequent breakouts.

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 Kaolin Clay: As mentioned earlier, kaolin clay is of different types, and choosing the right color adds the following things to make a paste. For anti-aging, combine matcha and lemongrass with kaolin clay, and you can feel the freshness. For sensitive skin, combine with Manuka honey. Why this specific honey? Because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and pH balancing properties for quick healing. Combine Manila honey, tea tree oil, and kaolin clay if your skin needs rapid healing. Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster


 Bentonite clay: This clay, when added with water, forms a very porous structure and, when applied, feels tingling. But once you use it, you can feel it’s worth it. The pore extracting formula it has is remarkable. First, add water and kaolin clay of your choice for this mask and combine the bentonite clay with it. Then add matcha to the mixture until it thoroughly blends. Then slowly add apple cider vinegar, and you did. Apply the mask all over your face, and after 15 minutes, clear with a damp cloth.


 Conclusion: Clay has been, for years, an ancient treatment across the globe. The benefits of clay, especially for oily and aged skin, are phenomenal. So to enjoy quality self-care time, add a clay mask of your choice to your routine.

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