Create Your DIY Dust-Protective Products for Inhaling Fresh Air

In recent times, pollution has been increasing at a rapid pace. Air is becoming toxic and dusty more and more, and of the many problems air pollution creates, skin trouble is one of them. Skin-conscious people are concerned about repelling dust and pollution that causes disorders such as breakouts, dryness, bacterial infection, etc. Skin problems such as premature aging, Eczema, irritation, flights, and many more. So, it is essential to use skincare products that repel dust and soothe the skin later. Since we go out often and every time we are exposed to dust and pollution, a generous amount of the product is used, and so it finishes quickly. It is also necessary to maintain some routines.

Habits to be maintained: Cleansing is a must in this regard both before and after going out and before bed. Sunscreen is to be applied before going out. Also, cover your body as much as you can and keep an instant cleanser and toner with you so that whenever you sweat immensely or you are exposed to a tremendous amount of dust, you can immediately clean up. In addition to these, you can prepare some skincare products yourself according to your skin type with natural ingredients:

  1. Clay Mask:

For purifying your skin after a tiring working day, the best you can ask for is a clay mask. Clay mask helps to prevent breakout, oxygenates the skin, and regulates sebum secretion. It has antimicrobial properties that repel the microbes in the air. Mix onetablespoonofkaolinclayandafewdropsofrosewateroraloeveragelfor this mask until you get the required texture. If you want, you can also add oils that you generally use. Keep the mask until it dries and wash off with lukewarm water. Follow this every day before bed.

  1. Green Tea mist:

This is the most manageable and most robust antioxidant among all of these products. All of us know the detoxing property of green tea. So, for this mist, brew a spray bottle amount of green tea and fill the bottle with it. And your moisture is ready. Whenever you cleanse your face while you’re out, use this as a toner. When you have this bottle full of green tea mist with you, you carry a strong pollution repellent. So for skin minimalists, this is a go-to toner.

  1. Walnut scrub:

Till now, we have a mask that purifies and a hydrating antioxidizing toner. So for weekly scrubbing, a natural scrub is to be made now. Scrubbing is essential onceortwiceaweekasallthedeadskincellsthatgatherinourskinarewashedawaywhile doing it. Almonds contain vitamin E that boosts radiance to fix dull skin. So walnuts are to be taken and course into semi-fine powder. Mix some sugar, honey, and olive oil for an all-in-one nourishing scrub. Repeat weekly to suck out all those nasty dirt.

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Due to rapid industrialization, pollutants are increasing in the air, and human skin is being subjected to them. Breakouts increase, skin becomes dull, and allergy increases. So for an all-natural gentle complete care, the above-explained products can be an excellent solution to tired skin.

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