reported that Messi helped host Qatar set a record of attendance after 28 years

Superstar Lionel Messi shines brightly to help Argentina beat Mexico in the second round of Group C, World Cup 2022. Lusail Stadium, where the match takes place, also set a record for the number of spectators- Sports reporter newspaper Vn88 mobile present on the field shared information.

With his name in the starting line-up against Mexico, Lionel Messi has equaled the record of 28 appearances in the World Cup in the Argentina shirt of the late legend Maradona.

But the superstar wearing the PSG shirt understands that the record is nothing if Argentina is eliminated early. And on the Lusail field, Messi had a class performance that reassured his senior.

Vn88cx sport said that in the 63rd minute, Messi hit an extremely dangerous shot from outside the penalty area to open the score for Argentina. Goalkeeper Ochoa poured in the right direction but that was not enough to stop the beautiful goal. With 2 goals so far, Messi has also scored 8 goals in the World Cup like Diego Maradona and is only two goals behind Gabriel Batistuta.

In the 88th minute, Messi continued to assist Enzo Fernandez to score. According to Opta statistics, from 1966 until now, Messi is the youngest player (18 years 357 days in the match against Serbia in 2006) and the oldest player (35 years and 155 days in the match against Mexico today) to have both scored and scored a goal. assists in a World Cup match.

Host Qatar shared with Vn88 daily about the match between Argentina and Mexico, which also witnessed a record number of spectators. According to statistics, 88,966 people came to see Messi play, the highest in the past 28 years. However, this number of spectators is still not in the top 30 in World Cup history.

The largest number of people ever to watch a football match in the World Cup was 173,850 at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro in 1950. It was a match where the host Brazil lost to Uruguay and watched the opponent win.

After Argentina beat Mexico 2-0, the people of Dhaka, Bangladesh, celebrated as if their home team had just won the match. Hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets to celebrate until the evening, while many houses hung Argentine flags…

As noted by the Argentine media, it is expected that millions of Bangladeshi fans have gone out to “storm” after this victory. “I wonder if the number is even more than in Argentina,” commented

“Since before the match, public places such as squares, university grounds, streets… all were filled with Argentine flags and everyone exploded after Messi scored the opening goal.”

The reason for this funny thing is that the people of Bangladesh have been fans of Argentina for a long time. They once celebrated passionately after the South American team won the Copa America 2021. They also cried when Diego Maradona died 2 years ago.

In Bangladesh, football is not the top favorite sport but most people know Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez or Sergio Aguero…

Vn88 mobile daily has found the answer to this strange thing. “Although there is no official explanation, all indicate that the love for Argentina has to do with the people of Bangladesh not liking the England team.

They were once a British colony. While the two football backgrounds of Argentina and England are always like fire and water. So they chose Argentina to support,” the leading Tango publication wrote.

Moreover, in the context of the world’s weakest Bangladesh team (ranked 192 in the world, only 2 places higher than Brunei), the people of this South Asian country do not have many occasions to celebrate. Remember the whole year, the Bangladesh team played 9 matches but only had 1 win, the rest lost 6.

Comments of Vn88cx commentator for bieeys: The defeat against Saudi Arabia makes Argentina face the risk of early elimination. It was a match where Messi scored on the penalty spot but could not help the home team get off to a good start. Messi’s “disappearance” led to a provocative question from a group of Saudi fans after the match. “Where is Messi?”, a fan of the West Asian football team asked while rummaging through the reporter’s bag.

Argentina is the candidate to win the tournament, Qatar 2022 is also Messi’s last World Cup. Needless to say, how shocked the Argentine players were when they lost their opening match. Amidst the surrounding skepticism, the Tango team was like a drowning man who suddenly grabbed the stake: The match against Mexico took place on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of the death of Maradona, the ‘Golden Boy’ of the Argentine people. And coach Lionel Scaloni made this a mental springboard for the players.

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