What Is The Best App To Buy Cryptocurrency? | The Worth Asking Question

Crypto trading and investment have reached new heights with the innovation of the crypto exchange platforms. Now you can invest in crypto using your mobile phone or PC. There are more than a hundred cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and everyone claims that their platform is best. This can make the new investor confused, and they can choose the irrelevant or underperforming crypto exchange that can destroy all of their investment. It is better to choose the best crypto exchange platform like KuCoin. There are some criteria for selecting apps to buy cryptocurrency, and in this article, we will highlight them. We shall also discuss some of the best crypto trading platforms you can choose from.

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How To Choose App For Cryptocurrency

There are many things to consider when choosing the app for cryptocurrency trading. To decide the best cryptocurrency exchange, you must consider the security, interface, features, user support, payment method, coins, liquidity, customer review, commission, and fees. Of course, this is a long process to check and analyze every app on these parameters. Do not worry because we have already done the hard work and brought you the best app to buy cryptocurrency.


KuCoin is arguably the best crypto exchange platform to buy and sell cryptos. The account creation procedure is straightforward, and it has many security features such as a single IP address, dual verification, separate password for the transaction, etc. It provides absolute convenience to the users because they can use any platform to insert and withdraw the amount. There are various methods of earning on this platform besides trading. It has the feature of a trading bot that can do the trading on your behalf, and you never miss the perfect chance of trading.

If you are an influencer or a blogger, KuCoin would be perfect because it provides about 40 to 50 % commission on affiliate programs. You can also do the Crypto mining pool and Bitcoin mining pool on KuCoin without any hurdle. It also provides interest in lending the cryptos and provides real-time data and cryptocurrency news for better decisions.


  • Advanced Security Features
  • High liquidity
  • Over 500 coins
  • Various risk-free earning methods.


  • Not to be used in the United States
  • A little complex due to a large number of coins and features


It is considered one of the most praised crypto exchange platforms due to its simple design and easy-to-understand interface. It does not have advanced features because it is built around the idea of simplicity. The security features of the coinbase are satisfying, and it provides access to 150 coins.

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  • Simple to use
  • High liquidity


  • Underperforming customer services
  • The wallet has extra charges

Cash App

It is the most simple crypto exchange platform but only supports bitcoin. It is often referred to as a bitcoin exchange and allows users to trade in bitcoin and only bitcoin. It is suitable for bitcoin enthusiasts but has limitations regarding other cryptocurrencies.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Multiple withdrawal methods


  • Only for bitcoin
  • Trading limits applied.

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