What to expect when hiring an employment lawyer in Austin?

There are numerous situations when you may need the expertise of an employment lawyer in Austin. It could be a case of discrimination at work because of your age, sex, religion, race, pregnancy, national origin, disability, or something serious like sexual harassment. You may also have reasons to seek legal advice from The Law Office of Jeffrey A. Goldberg if you have a wage dispute or need help understanding the terms and conditions of your new job’s contract. For someone who has never hired an employment lawyer, the whole process can be intimidating. We have a few pointers below about what to expect from your legal team.

  1. Review the case. Just because you believe you have suffered retaliation at work doesn’t mean you have a valid claim. Such matters involving discrimination or retaliation require solid evidence. Your employment lawyer is in charge of reviewing the available details and guiding you on the best way to approach the case.
  2. Gathering evidence. No matter the employment problem you are facing, your lawyer will do the necessary research and analysis to collect evidence and details. They already know the premise of your lawsuit/claim and will take appropriate steps to discover information.
  3. Handling communication: Your lawyer is responsible for communicating with everyone associated with the case, such as your colleagues, witnesses, and the representative from your company. As it is, you are already dealing with a difficult time – Let your attorney take care of the rest.
  4. Representing your interests: Your lawyer is also responsible for representing you in negotiations, private conversations, and court. They are your voice and advocate for all situations. They will ensure your rights are protected, and your concerns are heard.
  5. Managing paperwork: Once the attorney is on board, they are also responsible for taking care of the legal documents and all relevant steps in the process. If you don’t understand the legal jargon, you don’t have much to worry about, as the legal team will look into the smaller aspects and critical elements that matter for a positive outcome.

Don’t expect an employment lawyer to promise you a verdict or an amount in settlement. However, they are as invested in the case as you are and will work to achieve the best outcome. Always hire a firm that’s locally based in Austin and represents employees and executives in particular. In other words, the lawyer shouldn’t have a conflict of interest.

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