Brand Babu Naa Songs: The Soulful and Lively Soundtrack of the Telugu Rom-com

Brand Babu, the 2018 Telugu romantic comedy film, has taken the audience by storm with its heartwarming storyline and engaging performances. But one aspect that has made the film more enjoyable is its captivating music. The film’s soundtrack, composed by JB (Jeevan Babu), is a perfect blend of soulful melodies and lively beats that match the film’s mood and tone. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Brand Babu Naa songs and what makes them so special.

The Brand Babu album has six songs in total, and each song has a distinct flavor that adds depth to the film’s narrative. The album starts with the title track “Brand Babu,” a high-energy number with foot-tapping beats and catchy lyrics. Sung by ML Gayatri and JB himself, the song is an ode to the film’s protagonist, a rich businessman, and his luxurious lifestyle.

The second track, “Chilipi Choopu,” is a romantic duet between the lead pair, played by Sumanth Shailendra and Eesha Rebba. The song’s melody is soothing and has a calming effect on the listeners. Sung by Haricharan and Lipsika, the song’s lyrics, penned by Raghuram, are sweet and heartfelt, making it a perfect fit for the film’s love story.

The third track, “Ninne Ninne,” is another romantic number that explores the depths of love and longing. Sung by Anudeep Dev and Lipsika, the song’s music is mesmerizing, and the lyrics, written by Raghuram, convey the emotions of the characters in the film.

The fourth track, “Yennallako,” is a peppy number with funky beats and lively music. Sung by Rahul Sipligunj and Ramya Behara, the song is a fun-filled ride that makes you want to dance along. The lyrics, penned by Bhaskarabhatla, are witty and humorous, adding an element of fun to the album.

The fifth track, “Kurise Kurise,” is a soulful melody that tugs at your heartstrings. Sung by Harini Ivaturi, the song’s music is gentle and serene, and the lyrics, written by Raghuram, are poetic and poignant.

The album concludes with the “Brand Babu Theme,” a short but impactful instrumental piece that encapsulates the film’s essence. The theme music, composed by JB, is a perfect finale to the album, leaving the listeners with a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

In conclusion, Brand Babu Naa songs are a delightful addition to the film’s success. Each song has its unique flavor, and together, they make for an excellent album that you can listen to on loop. The music is a perfect match for the film’s mood and tone, and the lyrics are thoughtfully written, adding depth to the characters and their emotions. Whether you’re a fan of Telugu music or not, Brand Babu’s soundtrack is sure to leave you mesmerized and enchanted.

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