Instructions on How to Play Monopoly for Beginners

How to play a billionaire card game Is it difficult or not is a question that many people are interested in. To better understand how to play this card game genre, let’s join Link 789BET Find out below.

Some details about boh billionaire

Billionaire card game is a strategy game for 2 to 6 players in which players take on the role of billionaires and try to accumulate as much money as possible by buying and selling assets, trading with other players and invest in businesses.

The game is played on a board consisting of many squares, each square representing a specific location or property. Players move around the board by rolling dice, and when they land on a square, they can buy that property, build a house or hotel on that property, or trade with other players. other.

Basic rules and how to deal cards in billionaire card game

To start a game of billionaires, each player will be dealt a certain number of cards. The number of cards dealt to each player depends on the number of players in the hand. For example, if there are 4 players, each person will be dealt 13 cards, if there are 5 players, each person will be dealt 10 cards, and if there are 6 players, each person will be dealt 8 cards.

After the cards are dealt, players will see their cards and rearrange them in order from low to high, from left to right. The billionaire card has a total of 52 cards, including 13 aces (A), 13 number cards (from 2 to 10), 13 picture cards (J, Q, K) and 13 special cards (2 cards). Joker, 1 card changes color, 2 cards change direction, 8 cards draw 2 cards).

The player in the first position to the left of the dealer will be the first to play the card. This player can play any card in his hand. The next player clockwise will take turns playing their cards. The player must play a card of the same color or number as the card that was played before. If there are no suitable cards to play, the player can draw a card from the community deck.

The round will continue until one player plays all the cards in his or her hand. This player will win the hand. If no one plays all the cards within a certain time, the game will end and the player with the fewest cards in hand will win.

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Cards in the billionaire card game

Before diving into how to play billionaire cards, you need to clearly understand the cards in this game:

  • Asset cards: These are cards that represent different types of assets in the game, such as houses, land, rentals, loans or buying other people’s tiles.
  • Action Cards: Are cards that allow players to perform special actions in the game, such as buying a house, selling a house, building a house
  • Poker cards: It is a type of card used to declare cards. If the cards are in the same row, the cards are taken. The new card will be at the bottom and considered a discard.
  • Hidden Cards: Playing a card face down is to hide the score. If you want to play this card, you must add 1 card when playing to make up for the score. This card is called a jack card.
  • Extra Cards: When someone makes a smaller (smaller) bet, they must fold their opponent’s cards. This card is also face down
  • Counter cards: For example, if the card is a 7, the counter card is an 8. For cards like 3-4-5-6 (1 point) – 7-8-9-10 (2 points) – 2 (3 points) – A (4 points) – M (5 points) – J (6 points) – Q-K (7 points), the blocking card will be the card with 1 higher point card (if the same score is the card) Black is bigger than the Red card).
  • Bai Gou cards: This card is a very large card. If the opponent does not have a blocking card, he must skip his turn until he has a larger card to play.
    Explanation: with card 2 without cards from 3 to A or M, J, Q, K, the card 2 played will capture all the cards on the table, at this point the player will have a total of 10 cards. cards in hand

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How to play billionaire card game for beginners

The billionaire card game takes place in each round, each round includes the following stages:

  1. Dealing round: Each player is dealt 13 cards. – The dealer will turn over one card face down in the middle as the trump card.
  2. Property auction: The game starts with the player to the left of the dealer. Each player has the right to bid on the property being auctioned. The highest bidder wins that property.
  3. Exchange phase: Players can exchange cards with each other freely. This stage helps players improve their deck.
  4. Playing stage: Players take turns playing a card, the first card is played by the player to the left of the dealer, the next player must play a card of the same suit as the previous card. If a player does not have a card of the same suit, they can play any card, the first person to play all the cards in their hand is the winner.

The billionaire card game ends when one player wins. The winner is the first person to play all the cards in their hand.

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Some important notes when playing billionaire cards

After understanding how to play billionaire cards, to increase your chances of winning, you need to remember the following notes:

  • Master the rules of the game: Before starting to play Monopoly, take the time to carefully read the rules and learn about the cards, card arrangements and rounds of play.
  • Arrange cards properly: When dealing cards, try to arrange them so that they both ensure fairness and increase your chances of winning. Arrange the cards in ascending or descending order, dividing strong and weak cards equally.
  • Play cards properly: Playing cards properly does not mean having to keep the cards forever without playing. Play junk cards and cards of low value to trap your opponents. At the same time, when you have the opportunity, play strong cards to increase your chances of winning.
  • Keep calm while playing: When playing billionaire card game, it is important to stay calm and not let emotions take over. Don’t get too excited when you win or too discouraged when you lose. Always keep a clear head and make wise decisions.
  • Choose the right table: When playing online billionaire card game, choose a table that suits your level and preferences. Don’t choose tables that are too advanced if you are a new player.
  • Capital Management: When playing billionaire cards, always manage your capital appropriately. Don’t bet too much money on a single hand. Divide your capital and bet regularly.
  • Don’t play for too long: Don’t play the billionaire card for too long. When you feel tired or lose concentration, stop. Playing for too long will make it easy for you to make wrong decisions and lose money.

Believe that, with the content and how to play billionaire cards 789BET Sharing above will help you have interesting card playing experiences and win many victories.

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