David Cassidy Net Worth: A Look into the Late Actor’s Wealth


David Cassidy was a legendary American actor, singer, and songwriter. He was famous for his role as Keith Partridge in the 1970s musical sitcom, The Partridge Family. Cassidy had a massive fan following during his prime years, but unfortunately, he passed away in 2017. Despite his untimely death, his legacy still lives on. In this article, we will take a closer look at David Cassidy’s net worth and how he accumulated his wealth.

David Cassidy’s Early Life and Career:

David Cassidy was born on April 12, 1950, in New York City. He grew up in a family of performers, with his father being a famous actor and singer, Jack Cassidy. David Cassidy’s parents divorced when he was a child, and he was raised by his mother and stepfather in New Jersey. He started his career in show business as a stage performer, appearing in various Broadway productions.

Cassidy’s Breakthrough Role in The Partridge Family:

In 1970, David Cassidy got his big break when he was cast as Keith Partridge in The Partridge Family. The show was an instant hit, and Cassidy became an overnight sensation. He was not only a talented actor but also a gifted musician, and he performed many of the show’s popular songs. Cassidy’s popularity reached new heights during this time, and he became a teen heartthrob.

David Cassidy’s Music Career:

In addition to his acting career, David Cassidy was also a successful musician. He released several albums throughout his career, with his debut album, Cherish, becoming a huge success. Cassidy was known for his powerful vocals and unique style of music, which combined elements of pop, rock, and folk.

David Cassidy’s Net Worth:

At the time of his death in 2017, David Cassidy’s net worth was estimated to be around $500,000. Although this might seem like a modest sum for a celebrity of his stature, it is important to note that Cassidy faced many financial difficulties in his later years. He struggled with alcoholism and filed for bankruptcy in 2015. Cassidy’s estate was also reportedly in debt at the time of his death.


David Cassidy was a talented actor and musician who left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Despite facing many challenges in his later years, he will always be remembered for his contributions to music and television. While his net worth might not have been as high as some of his contemporaries, his legacy is priceless.

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