Exploring the Best of Ontari Naa Songs: A Melodic Journey of Tamil Music

Ontari Naa songs are an integral part of Tamil music, a genre that has captured the hearts of music lovers across the globe. These songs, with their soulful melodies and meaningful lyrics, have a unique charm that resonates with people of all ages. In this article, we will take you on a melodic journey of the best Ontari Naa songs and explore their significance in the Tamil music industry.

What are Ontari Naa Songs?

Ontari Naa songs are a sub-genre of Tamil music that originated in Tamil Nadu, a state in India. The term ‘Ontari Naa’ means ‘inner voice’ in Tamil and refers to songs that are introspective in nature. These songs delve deep into the emotions and thoughts of the singer and express them through lyrics and melodies.

Ontari Naa songs are known for their simplicity and sincerity, making them relatable to listeners of all ages. They often deal with themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, and are composed in a way that evokes deep emotions in the listener.

Top Ontari Naa Songs to Listen To

Nenjukkul Peidhidum – This beautiful track from the movie Vaaranam Aayiram is a classic Ontari Naa song. The lyrics, penned by Thamarai, speak about the pain of separation and the longing for a loved one. The music, composed by Harris Jayaraj, is soulful and touching, making it a favorite among Tamil music lovers.

Kannamma – From the movie Ispade Rajavum Idhaya Raniyum, this song is a perfect example of Ontari Naa music. The lyrics, written by Sam C. S., are introspective and thought-provoking, and the music, composed by Sam C. S., is hauntingly beautiful.

Kannai Katti – Sung by Chinmayi, this song from the movie Irandam Ulagaporin Kadaisi Gundu is a poignant tale of love and loss. The lyrics, penned by Madhan Karky, are deeply emotional, and the music, composed by Tenma, is hauntingly beautiful.

En Iniya Thanimaye – From the movie Johnny, this song is a touching tribute to friendship. The lyrics, written by Vairamuthu, speak about the importance of having a friend to lean on in tough times. The music, composed by Ilaiyaraaja, is melodic and uplifting.

Vaseegara – This song from the movie Minnale is a classic Ontari Naa track. The lyrics, written by Thamarai, speak about the beauty of love and the joy of being with someone you love. The music, composed by Harris Jayaraj, is romantic and soothing.

Significance of Ontari Naa Songs

Ontari Naa songs are an important part of Tamil music and have a significant impact on the listeners. They are deeply introspective and speak to the listener’s innermost thoughts and emotions. The simplicity and sincerity of these songs make them relatable to people of all ages, and their meaningful lyrics and soulful melodies have the power to touch the heart and soul of the listener.

From the soothing melodies of Vaseegara to the hauntingly beautiful Kannamma, Ontari Naa songs are a treasure trove of musical gems that showcase the best of Tamil music. They are a testament to the talent and creativity of the Tamil music industry and continue to inspire and captivate listeners around the world.


Ontari Naa songs are an essential part of Tamil music and a testament to the richness and diversity of the genre

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