F8BET Withdrawal – 3 extremely fast withdrawal steps

How to withdraw money from F8BET to make it quick and easy to make a successful transaction? This is one of the issues that many newbies are interested in learning about. Therefore, in the article below, we will reveal to you a convenient withdrawal guide, receive payment after only 2-3 minutes.

1.A few prerequisites for F8BET withdrawal

When joining the F8BET house, players will have the opportunity to receive super huge profits. To be able to successfully withdraw money to your account, bettors only need to meet a few small requirements that the website has given. Please follow the content below to get the most accurate answer to the above question. That is: sn

The player’s account must have the same name as the bank account for the dealer to verify the owner.

To be able to successfully withdraw F8BET bets, players need to participate in at least 1 valid betting round.

If participating in the promotion, members need to complete the number of betting rounds as prescribed by each program.

Players do not violate the rules of the house in the process of participating in betting and using other services.

Maintain the balance in the account in accordance with the terms of this bookie, otherwise the withdrawal will be refused.

A few prerequisites for F8BET withdrawals

2.How to withdraw money from F8BET is very simple

Currently, the website only supports one withdrawal method, which is through a local bank account. With just a few simple steps, players can receive their winnings. The following will be a detailed guide from A – Z to help newbies receive payments quickly.

Step 1: Log in to your account at the homepage of the website

To withdraw money from F8BET, you need to search and visit the exact F8BET website homepage. With this step, you can do it both on your computer and on your phone through the betting app. No matter what device the transaction is through, the steps to follow are the same.

Next, the member will fill in the required house login information such as username, password, verification code to proceed with login. Then, tap on the coin icon and select Withdraw.

Instructions for withdrawing money from F8BET are very simple

Screenshot 2 1

Step 2: Enter the information to withdraw F8BET

For the old version, the house requires players to transfer funds before withdrawing F8BET. However, with the improved website, you can choose the Main wallet automatic transfer to skip this step. However, make sure all funds have been transferred to the main wallet to withdraw the full bonus.

Xem : rút tiền F8BET

Next, our task is to fill in all the missing information in the transaction form. This includes the name of the bank, branch, account number and the amount you want to withdraw within the specified limit. Items marked with an asterisk will be required for players to fill in correct information for successful withdrawal.

Step 3: Complete the steps and wait for the money to arrive

The last step, the player selects the form box to confirm the withdrawal. However, before that, we recommend that you double check the information you just filled in to make sure it is 100% correct. If you want to change the items, please press the red Delete button.

That is the entire process of withdrawing money usually from the bookie to the bank account. In addition, in the meantime, members can go to the Transaction History section to look up the processing of F8BET withdrawals. Usually, after only 3-5 minutes, the system will transfer the money to the player.

3.A few notes when withdrawing bonuses at F8BET

Above are the 3 basic steps to take to successfully withdraw the bonus. However, in the process of trading, players should keep in mind a few more things to avoid mistakes or confusion. Specifically:

A few notes when withdrawing bonuses at F8BET

Screenshot 3

The minimum withdrawal amount for a transaction is 100,000 VND and the maximum is 10,000,000,000 VND.

Players need to maintain a daily account balance of at least VND 5,000,000.

The house does not limit the number of transactions per day, this regulation applies to all members.

F8BET reserves the right to review the player’s account to verify information upon receipt of a withdrawal order.

Withdrawal F8BET stipulates that players can only withdraw to their own account and cannot withdraw through any other intermediary account. If found to be in violation of this rule, the member’s betting account will be locked indefinitely.

If more than 10 minutes but still have not received the money, the member should immediately notify the house through 24/7 customer service.

When withdrawing money, players need to provide accurate information to ensure that the information is genuine.

Hopefully through the above article, players have fully understood the steps to withdraw F8bet money to their bank accounts. When players have problems with withdrawal and deposit, they can immediately contact customer service for quick handling. Wish you will have a fun and relaxing experience and win the most attractive prizes when joining the house.

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