Xoc dia for real money The most detailed guide to playing dice in 2022

What is real money Xoc Dia? This is one of the money-making betting games in Vietnam, especially in the North. The rules of Xoc Dia are very simple, just enter the playing area once and you will understand all the rules of this game. However, to always win in bets, in addition to understanding the rules of the game, you also need to have your own experience and secrets. In this article, Nhà cái New88 will help you understand more about this game.

What is real money Xoc Dia?

This is a game that originated in China and was introduced to Vietnam in the early years of the 20th century. Very popular in the North of our country, the way to play this game is similar to the game Bau. , crab. But instead of playing with 3 dice, people use 4 coins. The playing equipment is also extremely simple, including: A plate, an inverted bowl and 4 coins.

How is real money Xoc Dia played?

The way to play this game is very simple, anyone can understand and participate immediately. The results of the rules of this game will be presented below.

*Possible result cases are as follows:

+ If all 4 coins are heads up: Even

+ If 3 coins are heads – 1 coin is tails: Odd

+ If 2 coins are heads – 2 coins are tails: Even

+ If 1 coin is heads – 3 coins are tails: Odd

+ If 4 coins are tails: Even.

*Rules and calculation in this game

Play with 4 identical coins, each coin will have 2 sides of different colors, usually white and red. The way to bet is odd even, you can bet on specific cases in situations such as:

+ Place 4 heads or 4 tails,

+ Bet 3-1 or 1-3.

In case you bet 4 is even or 4 is odd, the bet amount will be multiplied by 12. If you fall into the other 2 cases, you will be multiplied by 2.6. With this way of betting, you only need to put in a small amount but gain big value. However, this way of betting also brings much greater risk.

Screenshot 2

So most of you when playing games online coin toss, usually choose to bet safely on both even and odd cases with a winning rate of 50%. In addition to placing Odd Even, there is another option in coin toss: placing the Over/Under bet will be:

+ When shaking the real money disc, 3 or 4 heads will be a win

+ When shaking the disc, 3 or 4 heads appear

+ When the disc comes out 2 heads and 2 heads, it will be a draw and the winning rate will also be 50%.

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Instructions for new players

When participating in this game, you will place bets according to the following specific steps:

*Step 1:

You will choose the house, go to the homepage and begin creating an account. Once registration is complete, you will deposit money into your game account before placing bets. Choose whether the table is a real person or the game is played according to pre-programmed software.

*Step 2:

When you start playing, the Dealer will start shaking the dice and when you stop, you will have 15 to 20 seconds to start choosing the bet. Each player will choose for themselves a type of betting chip with a different value, according to the minimum and maximum regulations of the house. Choose chip or bet and click on the door you want to bet on. The system will now display a notice of the bet amount, you will click confirm if you agree. At this point you will see your betting chips being placed in the selected place.

Screenshot 3

*Step 3:

Dealer begins to open the bowl and announces the results to the players. The winning player will receive a bonus according to the rate listed on that door. The loser loses all bets and a new game begins.

How do you know if the bookmaker you choose is reputable or not?

Currently, many bookmakers have updated this online dice game. However, players still have to be alert to choose a reputable bookmaker to avoid losing money to fraudulent bookmakers. So what is a reputable bookmaker that you should choose?

The bookmaker must be licensed to operate by competent agencies and organizations. The game platform here must be diverse and have a large number of members. There is a high security mode, deposits and withdrawals at that house must be fast 24/7. Always ready to support customers at any time.


With the above article, it has probably helped you better understand what the real money coin toss game is like. With extremely simple gameplay, easy to play and easy to make money. If you have any questions and need support from a consultant, the consulting staff of reputable bookmakers will always be there. Wishing you fun playing the game and filling your pockets with money!

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