Men’s Fashion, Evaluation of Fashion for Men

In the early 1900s, men used to dress up in suits at every formal or informal event, which included weddings, official meetings, running errands, school, or a house party. Kids and teenagers during that era were taught to be dressed elegantly and to maintain etiquette and sophistication at an early age. However, celebrities and known faces have a significant impact on the fashion industry and serve fashion ideas.

In the 1930s, celebrities’ fashion sense and clothing changed the perspective of fashion men. Since then, men have chosen to dress up, keeping the comfort and coziness while maintaining elegance, for instance, turtleneck jumpers and blue jeans, which required lesser times to get dressed and were much cheaper. Suits were still very popular and widely worn at functions, weddings, and offices. Many men choose comfort before choosing fashion in today’s world as men tend to be lazier and often confused about what to wear.

Although suits, silk ties, and cotton shirts are extremely popular in businesses and official meetings despite the change in fashion trends. Fashion for men has been evaluated countless times in the last 100 years. The previous century has been the time when men’s clothing peaked in the manner and was reviewed by more fantastic means. There’s a history hidden behind every fashion trend of men throughout the past as the range and elevation of fashion for men is wider.

In the 1910s- The Detachable Collar Era.

It is the era where three-piece suits and bowler kind hats and detachable collars and silk ties, with narrower pants. Over there, the trouser hem folded up in cuffs to make it shorter up to the ankle showing their polished leather shoes were widely popular from the previous decade and were worn by men in every gathering and occasion. This fashion was “super-hit” during the start of the 1910s where men wore high tight collars covering their necks. What is called formal attire now was casual wear then.

In the 1920s- The Jazz Era.

The decade was highly influenced by jazz music, and fashion trends were set depending on it. The tail behind the suit, the dent bowler kind hat, the tight, narrow trousers were all part of the trend. The 1920s has been called “the roaring twenties” and “the decade of change” because jazz’s popularity has influenced culture, tradition, and fashion trends. Due to World War II, men’s fashion could not evolve. However, the jazz culture influenced men’s clothing yet with the reflection of the previous decade. The suit was more comprehensive at the shoulders. The double-layered jacket with the matching vest and high-waisted trousers and the white cotton shirt was a hit accentuating the fit body and masculinity of the war veterans.

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The 1930s – The economic-crash Conserves Fabric Or Era Of Great Depression

The age of prints and stripes on suits paired with silk ties and up to knee socks worn with knee-length pants a lot of times were popular. This era excluded several pieces of clothing which were widely mentioned in the previous decade, such as a vest, a stiff collar, leather boots and gloves, and many more. The depression era brought a little touch of casualty in men’s fashion with very loose trousers, flat hats along with broader and longer coats.

In further decades, men’s fashion has evolved to a greater extent where the wartime austerity, Beatles and Elvis Presley were the catalyst to alter men’s clothing trends. Celebrities, music, and cinema have the upper hand in elevating men’s fashion.

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