Michael Moorer Net Worth: A Look at the Career and Finances of the Former Heavyweight Champion


Michael Moorer is a former professional boxer who made a name for himself in the sport during the 1990s. He held multiple world championships in the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions and became the first southpaw boxer to win a heavyweight title. Despite retiring from boxing over a decade ago, fans and followers of the sport still wonder about his net worth. In this article, we take a closer look at Michael Moorer’s career and finances to determine his estimated net worth.

Early Career:

Michael Moorer was born in 1967 in Monessen, Pennsylvania, and began boxing at a young age. He had a successful amateur career, winning numerous titles and accolades. In 1988, he turned professional and quickly rose through the ranks, winning his first 22 fights.

Boxing Career:

Moorer won his first world championship in 1992 when he defeated Bert Cooper for the vacant WBO light heavyweight title. He defended the title twice before moving up to the heavyweight division. In 1994, he faced off against Evander Holyfield for the IBF and WBA heavyweight titles. Moorer shocked the boxing world by knocking Holyfield down in the second round and went on to win the fight, becoming the first southpaw boxer to win a heavyweight title.

Moorer lost the title to George Foreman in 1994 but regained it in 1996 when he defeated Axel Schulz for the vacant IBF heavyweight title. He lost the title again to Holyfield in a rematch later that year. Moorer retired from boxing in 2008 with a record of 52 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw.

Net Worth:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michael Moorer’s estimated net worth is $5 million. He earned a significant amount of money during his boxing career, with some of his biggest purses coming from his fights against Holyfield and Foreman. Moorer also made some money from endorsements and sponsorships.

After retiring from boxing, Moorer tried his hand at other businesses, including running a gym and working as a boxing trainer. He also appeared on reality TV shows like The Contender and Celebrity Fit Club, which helped him earn some additional income.


Michael Moorer’s boxing career was marked by several high-profile wins and achievements, including becoming the first southpaw boxer to win a heavyweight title. Although he retired from boxing over a decade ago, he still maintains a significant net worth thanks to his earnings from the sport and other business ventures.

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