Who is Nicole Byer’s Sister? A Look into the Comedian’s Family Life


Nicole Byer is a comedian, actress, and writer who has been making audiences laugh for years with her hilarious stand-up comedy sets and TV shows. She is known for her role in the Netflix series “Nailed It!” and her podcast “Why Won’t You Date Me?”. While many fans are familiar with Byer’s work, they may not know much about her personal life, including her family members. In this article, we will take a closer look at Nicole Byer’s sister and her role in the comedian’s life.

Who is Nicole Byer’s Sister?

Nicole Byer has one sister named Jacquelin Byer. Jacquelin is three years older than Nicole and was born on August 20, 1983. Unlike her sister, Jacquelin has not pursued a career in comedy or entertainment. She is a registered nurse and lives with her family in California.

Despite their different career paths, Nicole and Jacquelin have a close relationship. Nicole has often talked about her sister on her podcast and social media, sharing stories about their childhood and current family gatherings. Jacquelin has also appeared as a guest on Nicole’s podcast and even gave her sister a homemade “Nailed It!” trophy during one episode.

Nicole has mentioned that her sister Jacquelin is one of her biggest supporters and always encourages her to pursue her dreams. In an interview with Glamour, Nicole said, “My sister is the one who tells me to do whatever I want. She’s always been a big cheerleader of mine.”

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In conclusion, Nicole Byer’s sister Jacquelin Byer is a registered nurse who lives in California. Despite their different career paths, the two sisters have a close relationship and Jacquelin is one of Nicole’s biggest supporters. By taking a closer look at Nicole Byer’s family life, fans can gain a better understanding of the comedian and her personal relationships.

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