Sebastian Maniscalco Height: How Tall Is the Comedian?

Sebastian Maniscalco is a popular comedian known for his hilarious stand-up routines, funny facial expressions, and relatable observations about everyday life. With his rise to fame, many fans have been curious about various aspects of his life, including his height. In this article, we’ll explore Sebastian Maniscalco’s height and some interesting facts about the comedian.

How tall is Sebastian Maniscalco?

Sebastian Maniscalco stands at 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall. This puts him in the average height range for men in the United States. While he may not be the tallest comedian out there, his height hasn’t stopped him from making a big impression on audiences worldwide.

Interesting facts about Sebastian Maniscalco

Aside from his height, there are several interesting facts about Sebastian Maniscalco that have contributed to his success as a comedian. Here are a few:

He started his career in Chicago: Maniscalco began his career in stand-up comedy in the late 1990s while living in Chicago. He performed at various clubs and open mic nights around the city before eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue his career full-time.

He has appeared in several films and TV shows: In addition to his stand-up career, Maniscalco has also appeared in several movies and TV shows. Some of his notable roles include playing Johnny Venere in the film “Green Book” and appearing in the TV shows “The Irishman” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

He has released several comedy specials: Maniscalco has released several comedy specials over the years, including “What’s Wrong with People?” and “Stay Hungry.” His most recent special, “Nobody Does This,” premiered on Netflix in 2020.

He is a bestselling author: In addition to his work in comedy and acting, Maniscalco is also a bestselling author. His book “Stay Hungry” was released in 2018 and quickly became a New York Times bestseller.


Sebastian Maniscalco may not be the tallest comedian out there, but he certainly knows how to make audiences laugh. With his relatable observations about everyday life and funny facial expressions, he has become one of the most popular comedians in the world. Whether you’re a fan of his stand-up, movies, or books, there’s no denying that Sebastian Maniscalco is a talented and entertaining performer.

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