Summary of the Latest Fake Ip Ways to Betting Web

Currently, network operators will block links to football betting websites. To overcome this situation, you can use other types of VPNs. However, not all members know how to apply. Here, the ST666 house will guide you how to fake IP into the betting web through this article.

1.What is Fake IP web?

Fake IP dark web is connecting to any football betting website through an intermediary proxy. This is to hide the real IP address of the computer by using the virtual IPs of a certain country.

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The purpose of fake IP is to deceive the server, not allowing the server to track the location of the visitor. This will help you feel free to join reputable betting sites, football betting sites without being blocked from linking.

2.Synthesis of ways to fake IP into detailed betting web

To access betting websites when blocked, you need to have an electronic device connected. These devices will help you access a new IP. People can use IP types to access any bookie.

However, always create a sequence of numbers to make it easier to manipulate. Below ST666 casino will share the most popular ways to fake IP to the betting website today, all players can refer to.

2.1 How to fake IP to betting website with online VPN

This is one of the ways to fake IP on the betting website that is used by many players. This is a way to help create a virtual network to access blocked bookies. With this method, you can completely connect a computer or device using the internet to access the web through another network address.

The access information will not be stored on the computer when connecting to a new VPN. Here you will be changed from your IP address to another IP address. At this point all traffic will be saved on the new IP address and will be disclosed through DNS.

To make the best use of VPN services, you should only use a VPN that does not require a login. Because of the way this type of VPN will not store player information, most will be encrypted and blocked by ISPs.

2.2 How to fake IP to betting web with Web Proxy

It can be said that using Proxy to access links that are blocked by network operators is one of the ways to fake IP to betting web not inferior to VPN. Here you can connect the server to the Proxy website. After that will switch to another server, all the old IP addresses of gsex users are anonymized. Then you will have a new virtual IP address to replace the real IP.

Web proxies usually won’t encrypt user information like VPNs do. Isp will be able to find out the player’s information even if the IP is hidden. Also some other websites can recognize the real IP address of the player like Flash or Java.

Some browsers will allow players to use Proxy to access. However, you need to install a hidden browser for yourself and enter a new IP address for the server to proceed. Browsers like Chrome, opera, vivaldi will not be for Proxy.

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2.3 How to fake IP to betting website with free wifi

One of the ways to fake IP to the betting website chosen by players is to use wifi in public places. Now you can not only access blocked websites through another virtual IP, but also connect directly using this public wifi.


This is considered a highly effective way to hide IP. When using another network address via public wifi such as in cafes, restaurants, bars … or large activities on the betting web, you will be obscured by a large amount of login information.

However, with this way of fake IP to the betting website using this public wifi, there will be some unnecessary risks. Because most places allow you to access the network for free, the information will not be encrypted and secure.

All user activity will be detected. Including personal data information, bank accounts, shopping accounts … In addition, these addresses will also be very easy for harmful viruses to enter your server.

The above article is a summary of ways to fake IP into betting web. Hopefully, you will choose the right form to access the desired betting site when blocked. Besides, hurry up and register for ST666 to receive thousands of great ST666 promotions.

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