What Type of Wire is Used For Fences? – Know About All Types OF Wire

Whether you are looking to fence your yard or keep wildfowl in a park, you may be wondering, “What type of wire is used for fences?” This article will address your concerns and help you choose the best wire for your project. You can choose a fence made of aluminum or galvanized steel to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of your property. Aluminum wires are better conductors of electricity than steel, and they will also not rust like ungalvanized steel.

14 Types Wire:

  • Welded Wire Fencing
  • Straining Line Wire
  • Chicken Wire
  • Barbed Wire Fencing
  • Woven Wire Fencing
  • Galvanized Before
  • Galvanized After
  • Powder Coated Wire Fencing
  • E-Coated Wire Fencing
  • Poly Wire Fencing
  • Vinyl Coated Wire Fencing
  • Aluminum Wire Fencing
  • Steel Wire Fencing
  • Electrified Fencing

Wire fencing is commonly used for privacy and security purposes. It is particularly effective over a living fence and is ideal for keeping animals and other unwanted elements out. There are four primary types of wire fencing: welded, twisted, hammered, and woven. Each type has its own benefits and uses, but the key difference between them is how they’re constructed. Wire fencing typically involves placing wires in shapes and attaching them by spot welding.

Galvanized after weld wire is the most durable of the two. This type of wire is more expensive than GBW, but is more durable and won’t need as much repair over time. In addition, this type of wire is typically galvanized, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. However, you may want to consult a professional if you’re unsure about the material.

The strongest and most durable wire for fences is stainless steel. Stainless steel wire is corrosion-resistant and resistant to many other environmental stressors. It doesn’t rust and doesn’t need galvanization, so it’s an excellent choice for those who live in areas with salt water. However, it’s also more expensive than most other wire materials, so you should choose one that’s durable and has good resistance to rust.

Another type of wire is polywire. Polywire is used for electrified fences and is commonly brightly colored. It’s also resistant to rust and is perfect for livestock containment. Animals that get entangled in polywire are less likely to suffer serious injuries. It’s also better for aesthetic purposes than metal posts. Metal posts don’t look good, but they’re less expensive.

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