Who is Matt Nagy’s Brother and What You Need to Know About Him?

Matt Nagy is a well-known name in the NFL coaching world, but did you know that he has a brother who is also involved in football? Casey Nagy is the younger brother of Matt Nagy, and although he is not as well-known as his older brother, he has made a name for himself in the world of football. In this article, we will take a closer look at Casey Nagy, his career, and his relationship with his brother Matt.

Who is Casey Nagy?

Casey Nagy was born on February 19, 1984, in Delaware, Ohio. He is the youngest of three siblings, with his older brother Matt being the most well-known. Like his brother, Casey developed a passion for football from a young age and played quarterback in high school. He then went on to play college football at the University of Delaware, where he was a backup quarterback.

After college, Casey pursued a career in coaching and started out as a graduate assistant at the University of Delaware. He then went on to work as an offensive quality control coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, where he worked alongside his brother Matt, who was the team’s offensive coordinator at the time.

Career Highlights

Casey Nagy has worked for several NFL teams throughout his coaching career. After his time with the Eagles, he worked for the Kansas City Chiefs as a scouting assistant and later as an assistant quarterbacks coach. He then moved on to work for the Jacksonville Jaguars as an offensive assistant before joining the Chicago Bears in 2019 as a quality control coach.

Although Casey has not yet reached the same level of success as his brother Matt, he has gained valuable experience working with some of the top teams in the NFL. He is known for his hard work and dedication to the game, and his passion for coaching is evident in everything he does.

Relationship with Matt Nagy

As brothers, Matt and Casey Nagy have a close relationship. They have both pursued careers in football, and they have worked together on several occasions. In fact, it was Matt who helped Casey get his start in the NFL by hiring him as an offensive quality control coach for the Eagles.

Although they have different personalities and coaching styles, the Nagy brothers share a love for the game of football and a desire to succeed. They are both highly respected in the NFL coaching community, and they continue to support each other in their respective careers.


While Matt Nagy may be the more well-known of the Nagy brothers, Casey Nagy is also a talented coach who has made a name for himself in the world of football. He has worked for several NFL teams and has gained valuable experience along the way. His close relationship with his brother Matt has also played a significant role in his career, and the two continue to support each other as they pursue their coaching dreams. If you are a fan of football, keep an eye on Casey Nagy, as he is sure to make a significant impact in the years to come.

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