Who is Seo Ji Young and Why Should You Know About Her?


If you are interested in Korean entertainment, you may have come across the name Seo Ji Young. She is a talented actress, singer, and model who has made a name for herself in the Korean entertainment industry. In this aricle, we will delve deeper into Seo Ji Young’s career, achievements, and why she is worth knowing

Seo Ji Young was born on December 6, 1980, in Seoul, South Korea. She started her career as a model, working for various fashion brands and appearing in magazines. In 1998, she made her acting debut in the drama “Mouth” and received critical acclaim for her performance.

Seo Ji Young’s Acting Career:

Seo Ji Young has acted in numerous dramas and movies, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Some of her notable works include “Winter Sonata,” “My Love Patzzi,” “Marrying the Mafia,” and “Seducing Mr. Perfect.” She has won several awards for her acting skills, including the Best New Actress award at the 2001 KBS Drama Awards.

Seo Ji Young’s Singing Career:

Aside from acting, Seo Ji Young is also a talented singer. She released her first album, “Cinderella,” in 2003, which received positive reviews from fans and critics. She has also released several singles and contributed to the soundtracks of various dramas and movies.

Seo Ji Young’s Personal Life:

Seo Ji Young is married to a businessman and has two children. She took a break from her entertainment career to focus on her family but has recently made a comeback, appearing in the drama “Kairos” in 2020.


Seo Ji Young is a talented actress, singer, and model who has made a mark in the Korean entertainment industry. Her achievements and contributions to the industry are noteworthy and have earned her a dedicated fan base. Whether you are a fan of Korean entertainment or simply curious about talented individuals, Seo Ji Young is definitely worth knowing about.

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