7 reasons when you need to see a urologist in Brooklyn

Contrary to popular belief, urologists treat both men and women. Patients often don’t understand the conditions for which they need the expertise of a urologist. For the unversed, urology focuses on the urinary system, including the kidneys and the prostate gland. If you are wondering whether you should see a urologist Brooklyn New York, here are seven reasons at a glance.

  1. You have blood in your urine. There could be several reasons why you have blood in your urine, including hematuria, and this is not a symptom that you can ignore. It could be related to an infection of the urinary tract, and no matter the underlying condition, you need medical care.
  2. You have erectile dysfunction (ED). If you have trouble getting or retaining an erection, you should see a urologist immediately. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is extremely common and could be associated with various factors, including stress and hormonal changes.
  3. You want to consider a vasectomy. If you and your partner want to go for permanent birth control, you can consider male sterilization, also known as a vasectomy. The procedure is extremely effective for contraception and doesn’t involve as many risks.
  4. You have a high Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels indicate various conditions, including prostate cancer. If your levels are elevated, do not delay seeking an appointment with a top clinic in Brooklyn.
  5. You are dealing with incontinence. If you have lost bladder control, you have incontinence, which can be treated. Many factors could be responsible for incontinence, and a urologist can help treat the same. You should also see a doctor when you have pain in your penis or testicles.
  6. You have a Urinary Tract Infection. Also called a UTI, a Urinary Tract Infection can cause symptoms like burning sensation and pain. The discomfort may get worse if not treated, and it is best to check with a urologist who will recommend antibiotics.
  7. You are experiencing painful urination. If you are having pain while urinating, it could be a sign of an infection, or there could be other concerns like kidney stones. You should check with a urologist to know the case and determine the right line of treatment.

Whether you are a man who needs help with reproductive health or a woman dealing with bladder concerns, get help before your symptoms or concerns worsen. You can check online to find local clinics in Brooklyn.

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