Dental symptoms and emergencies that need immediate attention

You should ideally plan a visit to the dental clinic every six months. Routine checkups, cleanings, and oral exams can help detect and treat most of the common issues with teeth and gums. The truth is most people take oral hygiene and dental health for granted. Some situations are more complicated than others, and in this post, we are discussing symptoms and emergencies that need the attention of a dentist Thornton.

  1. You have a loose tooth. If a tooth is wiggly, there could be one or more underlying reasons. The most obvious one is an injury to the tooth, while other causes include gum disease, decay, and untreated cavities. Check with a dentist who will guide you on the treatment and the best ways to avoid an extraction.
  2. You have a severe toothache that doesn’t get better. While mild pain in a tooth is nothing that can be called an emergency, you should certainly visit a dental practice if the discomfort and toothache are beyond your control. Patients may also experience other symptoms, such as fever. The reason could be a cavity or an infection inside the tooth.
  3. You have swollen or bleeding gums. Gum disease is preventable, especially when you have early signs of gingivitis. In many cases, you may benefit from root planing and scaling, but in case of advanced periodontal disease, additional treatments are necessary. Don’t rely entirely on over-the-counter painkillers for relief, and see a dentist.
  4. There is a dental abscess. A dental abscess is usually seen at the tooth’s root and can cause serious pain and discomfort. It could be triggered by a cavity, injury, or even gum disease. Ask for an appointment right away because the symptoms will not be better on their own. In many situations, options like root canal treatment can help.
  5. You have a canker sore. For the unversed, a canker sore appears like an ulcer that is typically seen in the soft tissues inside the mouth. You may have canker sores in your gums, tongue, and cheeks. It should improve within a week, but if there are other symptoms, such as fever, swelling, or the sore getting bigger, you should see a dentist.

A dental emergency requires the attention of an expert, and you shouldn’t wait for days to make an appointment. Look for local clinics in Thornton that offer comprehensive care for the entire family and choose one that’s renowned and close to you. 

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