Pocket7Games Christmas Event Update is Giving Users Even More Ways to Win! 

This year, the holiday season is giving mobile gaming fans even more to celebrate! Long-term fans and Pocket7Games pros already know that the awesome mobile gaming platform offers users tons of ways to play online and win cash, but this December, you can pad your pockets with a little extra cash for gifting.   

That’s because this year, to celebrate Christmas, Pocket7Games is launching a dynamic new Christmas Event Update. Think you already know every way to win on this thrill-seeking app? Think again. 

The Christmas Event Update will arrive with even more ways to take advantage of competitive real money bingo and enter free cash tournaments. Best of all, users will be able to play through all their favorite skill-based, legit games while enjoying flashy, never-before-seen design updates. 

Starting on December 13, the Christmas Event Update will transform the tried and true Pocket7Games classics Bingo Clash and Solitaire Clash. Each game will roll out a new limited-edition holiday theme to help users celebrate with an extra burst of holiday cheer while still providing them with all their favorite ways to win — namely: competitive, skill-matched lineups and a range of cash tournaments promising huge prizes. So if you’re looking to play games for cash this December, read on for all the pro tips and bonuses you have to take advantage of. 

True fans have probably heard about the Pocket7Games Dice Tour. The ultra-rare event is something most users already know to look out for, but new fans will get a kick out of playing for up to $500 in bonus cash across a huge map in real-time. With each move, users will have the chance to roll the special dice and gain a select number of moves across the board. 

Of course, users will also be able to enjoy all their favorite daily login bonuses and free rewards –– but they’ll also have the chance to win extra sparkles every day when they login, which can be used to play through the Dice Tour. If you’re new to the Pocket7Games arena, you’ll also be able to take advantage of a full week of extra awesome freebies, but even if you’re a P7G veteran you can secure extra bonuses by inviting a friend to play! For each friend who signs up with your referral code, you’ll win an extra Dig (to be used in the Cash Miner event) or 100 extra sparkles to play through the Dice Tour! 

And if free cash isn’t enough to get you excited, keep in mind that there will also be an iPhone 13 and a Samsung Galaxy z Flip3 5G up for grabs! Each day, users will be able to log in for a daily spin to try their luck at winning a new phone, so make sure to check out these limited-time offers as soon as possible! 

So no matter why you’re logging in, hop into the app today to try your luck within the most competitive mobile gaming arena today! The Christmas Event will only run through January 2, so make sure to take advantage of this awesome update today! 

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Summary: From December 13 to January 2 Pocket7Games is giving users even more ways to win. Log in today to enjoy extended events, revamped display, and a ton of ultra-rare login rewards! 

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