Stop Spreading HIV for Your and Others Safety

From 2020, the whole world is facing a pandemic. And before that, the world faced many pandemics and epidemics. In 2009 there was a swine flu pandemic. And before the swine flu pandemic the world faced The HIV/AIDS pandemic. We all know that HIV is the name of the virus that causes AIDS. And the first case of AIDS was detected in 1981.

Even after so many years, HIV remains as one of the most serious pandemic of all time. According to records, in 2017 more than 1.8 million people got infected by HIV. And more than 940e,000 people died due to AIDs. There is no proper treatment of HIV/AIDs. And the worst part is the HIV virus doesn’t show any sort of symptoms. After the HIV pandemic lifestyle of people changed permanently. There are many things we can do in order to reduce the transmission of AIDs.

  • HIV is passed from one person to another mainly from having unprotected intercourse. As mentioned earlier, people with HIV don’t show any symptoms. So from outside, you can’t tell whether a person has HIV or not. So it is better to always use protection while having intercourse. Studies found that condoms can reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases by 99%.
  • Another way that HIV is transmitted is by needles. At times people who take drugs in groups tend to use the same needle. As a result, viruses get inside the body easily. So it’s best not to use a needle more than once. Even if you share a needle, don’t forget to sanitize it properly with antiseptic.
  • Nowadays many countries are supporting key populations to reduce the transmission of HIV. Key populations include sexual intercourse between men, transgender, prisoners, sex workers. Supporting key populations make sure that they are free from any judgements. And they are getting all the equal rights like others.
  • Pregnant women along with breastfeeding mothers should get extra care and attention. Because HIV can pass by placenta and breast milk. Before pregnancy a woman should get tested for HIV.
  • All countries should promote efficient testing. There should be efficient testing in every facility, hotspot and community. The chances of surviving from HIV/AIDS is greater if the person starts to get the proper treatment as early as possible.
  • Raising awareness. There are many rural areas in the world that still don’t know about AIDS, HIV etc. As a result in rural areas the percentage of a person getting HIV is higher. Raising awareness about HIV will help them to avoid doing things that are the cause of transmission.
  • It is the responsibility of the respective governments of every country to uphold the rights of people who are living with HIV. Living with HIV is very hard. Because they always remain sick. HIV makes our immune system weak as a result people with HIV become weaker with time. Unfortunately there are thousands of kids with HIV. Government should provide special care and hospitality to people.

People should talk more about protection, sexual intercourse in order to prevent transmission. Because there are many people currently who think that talking about all these things is a taboo.




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